Posted on 01/27/22

How To Ship A Reefer Truck

How To Ship A Reefer Truck

A reefer truck, despite its name, is not a truck that transports cannabis. It's an industry term meaning "refrigerated vehicle." A reefer truck is basically a mobile refrigerator. Congratulations if you have ever tried desperately to get the ice cream truck.

Today's topic is "How do you ship a reefer truck?" We will explain the differences in the various types of reefer trucks and how they affect the prices and services offered for auto transport.

Before you ship a reefer truck, here are some things to consider

There are many different sizes and shapes of reefer trucks, but they tend to be big and boxy. They all weigh more than a ton due to the refrigeration machinery. The largest can easily be ten times as heavy.

We need to know if your truck is a reefer truck or a regular box truck. You will find many reefer trucks, which are refrigerated local transport trucks and ice cream trucks. These trucks are much easier to ship than the 53-foot Reefer trucks that you see on interstates.

We need to know if the truck is a reefer truck due to its additional weight. Although more weight means a higher price, the price will remain the same. When shipping something as fragile as a reefer truck, there are no shortcuts.

We will also need the other dimensions, aside from the weight. These dimensions include the height, width, and length. For larger trucks such as this, the width is fairly common. However, it is better to have it than need it.

A simple internet search can often find the dimensions you need. A tape measure can help you locate it if you have difficulty. For assistance, you can contact a representative.

How do carriers ship a Reefer truck?

Refrigerator trucks often need to be transported on a flatbed hauler. This is standard practice. Most overweight or oversize vehicles must be transported on a flatbed. Because flatbed transportation is rare and in high demand, it can be a little more difficult to find. This is a special service. Flatbed transporters are not required by many customers, so there aren’t as many of them on the roads. Follow this link for more information about flatbed transport.

There are many types of flatbeds. The most versatile is the lowboy. These flatbed trucks, which are usually found on trucks with different bed heights, have been seen before. Because they can carry multiple large vehicles, these tend to be more affordable. Flatbeds that look like flatbed trucks are more expensive as they can only transport one vehicle at a given time.

Carriers will secure your vehicle by loading it onto the truck, setting the parking brake, and then chaining it. Usually, large, heavy chains or straps with high weight are wound around the tires or through them and attached to the bed. You can ask your carrier for more information about how they secure the vehicle.

It will move the same as any other vehicle. Learn more about auto transport on our website.

Move Car will transport your reefer truck

Move Car understands that each reefer van is unique. Our quotes can be customized to suit the type of reefer truck that you are shipping. We consider the vehicle, time of year, route, and vehicle. Your price will be accurate because of this.

However, it is important to note that even though they are priced to move along a popular route, reefer trucks can take a while to ship. Flatbed transporters, as we said, are not as common as enclosed or open trucks. Even if everything is perfect, this can cause delays. This is called a supply-demand issue. We can't control the availability of flatbed trucks. We will find a truck that suits every customer, even those shipping heavy machinery.

To get a quote, give us a call. They are available to answer your questions and offer advice. To get started shipping your refer truck, or any other vehicle that you might need, fill out the online form.