Posted on 02/01/22

How To Deal with Delays In Auto Transport Services

How To Deal with Delays In Auto Transport Services

The lean season is upon us for car shipping services. This means that there are big changes in comparison to summer shipping routes and prices. Route changes can be made in the winter months, especially towards the south. Carriers run routes through the southern states or snowbird routes between the north and south as the snows accumulate in the north.

Winter can often cause delays in auto transport services. Why? There are many reasons. We'll outline some of them below.

What can cause delays in auto transport services?

There are many reasons why delays in auto transport services may occur. These delays can be caused by weather, mechanical problems, booking issues, access issues, and many other factors. Delays are usually not that severe. Weather-related delays can delay pickup by up to a day.

Longer delays can be caused by mechanical issues, especially if the truck stops working. These are very rare. Like all long-haul companies, auto shippers must maintain their trucks. For safety and security reasons, this is required by law. However, truck breakdowns can happen.

Sometimes unexpected problems in accessing delivery or pickup locations can cause delays. Construction zones can cause delays if carriers aren't ready. These can lead to reroutes or diversions to avoid the construction zone. Or they just wait for the route opening again.

How to avoid delays in auto transport services

You can't always prevent delays. But you can at least avoid the unexpected ones. Weather delays can be avoided by paying attention to the weather reports. However, this only works so far. You can't predict the weather weeks ahead of time, and no one can. Talk to an agent if you are able to take into account your local weather and how it usually goes.

If you don't have access to major interstate highways, it is a good idea to do so to avoid weather delays and other inconveniences. Carriers find it more difficult to reach rural areas or those that are far from major cities and interstates. This can lead to delays in dispatching and picking up, as well as higher prices. It is possible to get closer to major cities or interstates to reduce wait times. This can also help to combat the elements as major highways are usually plowed first in case of heavy snow.

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