Posted on 01/06/23

Do Not Ship A Car With Too Much Stuff

Do Not Ship A Car With Too Much Stuff

We understand that you want to pack your vehicle before shipping. Anyone who plans to move a car across the country with lots of stuff assumes that it will be cost-effective. We cannot recommend that you load your car with stuff before it is shipped on an open carrier. Sometimes, our drivers send us pictures of what they want to be included in their transport. These people are not to be trusted. You will end up spending more long-term: time, money, drama, and/or delays.

An empty vehicle is included in your car shipping quote. We have already mentioned that the vehicle's weight can affect how much gas it takes to transport it. Even if you are only planning to add a few heavy items, it can add up. The total weight of the vehicle being transported by an auto hauler is increased if it has more than one item. Although a driver might be willing to transport your vehicle with a few items, we cannot guarantee that the cost will be paid in advance.

Weight limits:

Car shipping companies typically have weight limits in place, and if your car is full of stuff, it could exceed these limits. Exceeding the weight limit could result in additional fees or even prevent your car from being shipped at all.

Safety concerns:

Shipping a car that is full of stuff can also present safety concerns. Heavy items can shift during transport, potentially causing damage to the car or even creating a safety hazard.

Damage to personal belongings:

If you are shipping a car that is full of personal belongings, there is a risk that these items could be damaged during the shipping process. This could be due to rough handling, exposure to the elements, or other factors.

Increased costs:

Shipping a car that is full of stuff can also be more expensive, as the car shipping company may need to use additional resources to handle the extra weight and volume.

Limited visibility:

If your car is full of stuff, it can be difficult for the car shipping company to properly assess the condition of the car and identify any potential issues. This can make it harder to provide accurate quotes and may result in unexpected costs or delays.

Let's face it, leaving items in your car can increase theft risk. Any visible items in your car are visible to all vehicles passing it when it is open-carry. Your vehicle is covered during transport but any items inside the vehicle are not. While you may be willing to take on theft, your driver might not be as keen to gamble for your safety. He would be the most directly affected by any incident.

Your driver must be able safely load your car on the hauler. If a car is full of luggage, it can block his view. Your driver will ask you to take out any items that are not necessary or allow your truck to pick up your vehicle. Even if the truck arrives at your pick-up location with your car packed to the ceiling, your driver is entitled to compensation for his trip.

It is easier to empty your car of all your belongings. You may be charged additional fees for leaving stuff in your vehicle. It may also invite theft and may result in your driver refusing to take your load. We can help you with any questions regarding car shipping.