Posted on 08/25/22

How To Use A Direct Auto Shipping Company To Transport Your Vehicle

How To Use A Direct Auto Shipping Company To Transport Your Vehicle

Direct shipping, also known as door-to-door, is an easy and convenient way to have your car picked up and delivered to your destination. Another option is to have your car picked up at a terminal. This could be several hundred miles away depending on where you live. You want it to be as easy as possible when shipping a vehicle. Direct auto shipping is a popular option. Let's look at the details of this convenient service.

Direct auto shipping: When is it Right?

Although door-to-door delivery is the most convenient, it's not for everyone. This service is best for those who live in major cities with wide streets that can be easily maneuvered by large trailers. If you live in rural areas with windy or dirt roads, this is not an option. Additionally, car shipping services are more popular in big cities. This means it is easier for the carrier to deliver your vehicle. Due to the convenience offered by the service, Direct shipping can be more costly. Shipping costs will reflect the fact that the shipper uses their fuel and time to deliver your car directly to you.

How the Process Works

Find a Shipping Company

Direct shipment is what you should be looking for. While many companies offer direct shipment, others only allow you to ship from one terminal to another. You should inquire about the service in detail and confirm that it is available at your location.

Select the Transport Method You Choose

Next, you can choose between open or closed transport. Open-air transport, as the name implies, means that your car will be shipped on an open trailer that is exposed to the elements. This option is the most popular and most affordable. Enclosed transport means that your car is shipped in an enclosed trailer, where it is protected from the elements. This option is more expensive but may be the best for exotic, luxury, antique, or rare vehicles that require extra protection.

Meet the Driver

Door-to-door shipping offers another advantage: you can meet the driver. You'll be able to see your vehicle loaded onto the trailer, and can ask any questions. You might also be able to get their contact information. This can help you to estimate delivery times and give you peace of mind.

Pickup and Delivery Must be Made in Person

To be able to show proof of ownership, identification, and registration, you will need to be there when the vehicle is picked up. To pay the bill and sign the Bill of Lading, you will need to be there at delivery.