Posted on 11/11/22

Different Car Shipping Concerns For Different States

Different Car Shipping Concerns For Different States

A shipping company may be able to help you transport your vehicle across state lines for many reasons. What do you need to know in order to do it correctly? This quick guide will help you understand what to expect.

What Documentation Do You Need To Ship to a Different State

You will need to have the correct documentation before you can ship your vehicle from one state to another. This includes:

  • Registration. Before your vehicle can be shipped, the transport company that will ship it must verify the vehicle title and registration. If the shipping company is reputable, they will not ship your vehicle without it.
  • Photo ID. A photo ID is required to prove that you are the owner. A driver's license and passport are acceptable for shipping companies. Your car insurance must be provided.
  • Bill Of Lading. This is a document that your transport company will prepare and which you will sign. This agreement ensures that your vehicle is inspected and all items are present. The bill of lading covers you in the event that your car sustains damage.

Transferring the Car Title To Another State

You must transfer your car's title to the new state when you move. Although the process will vary from one state to another, it is generally required.

  • Emission standards for the car must be tested
  • Send the request for the title transfer form
  • Submit information about insurance
  • Verify the VIN
  • Transfer fees for titles must be paid

How to Choose the Right Auto Transport Company To Get You There

Do your research before shipping your car to another location. This will ensure that your car arrives in good condition. You can rest assured that your vehicle will arrive in the same condition it was before shipping.

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