Posted on 12/07/21

Cruising And Hooking Up With Your Car

Cruising And Hooking Up With Your Car

Car owners and car haulers have one thing in common: they want to keep their precious vehicle safe. Although it may seem obvious or even simple to keep your car(go), secure, there are many steps involved.

This is not just important for truckers and carriers; this year was also active for federal safety inspections focusing on cargo safety.

Top-notch auto transport, from truck to trucker, comes together-securely-through a combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and sometimes even excitement.

You can find interesting statistics about the vehicle shipping industry by IBIS World if you're interested.

Take Care

It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to secure an automobile for transport. Car haulers must be more than just backing up at a loading dock. They have to be involved in every step of the process. Move Car Auto Transport believes that taking special care of our clients' cars will pay off long-term.

Once the car is loaded onto the trailer, hydraulic ramps on the truck lift the vehicle and tilt it into the best position. After the car is loaded onto the trailer, the trucker straps it with a series tiedown ratchets.

To prevent the trucker from moving, he will use at least four tiedowns. Two at each the front and back of the vehicle. There may be special mounting points for the trucker, but the majority of the time the car is secured using the chasses and around the wheels.

You can have your car move side to side, forwards and backwards. Vertically, a carrier is one place where you don't want it bouncing around or rocking. Placement is crucial to maintaining a car in good condition. Move Car, a reputable car shipper, only works with highly-rated auto transporters that have exceptional service and satisfaction ratings.

Motor Carrier Mathematicians

According to the North American Standard Inspection Program (NASIP), approximately four million commercial motor vehicle inspections take place each year. Safety has always been a priority in transportation infrastructure. It is no surprise that inspections were particularly intense this year when it came to cargo transport.

Safety is a top concern. To protect cars and other road users, of course. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has many regulations and rules regarding U.S. cargo security, particularly when it comes to vehicles being transported.

Did you know that car haulers must have a good understanding of physics? The car(go) must be able to calculate how gravity will affect the vehicle(s), including speed, acceleration, turns, and the impact of wind. The tiedowns must be strong enough to withstand at least fifty percent of the vehicle's weight. This is why it isn't a job for love.

Move Car Dispatch supervisor: "Our industry isn't a regular job. It's a whole science."

Special Securements

Car haulers are highly skilled and have the ability to provide special care for each car and customer. Each vehicle is unique and has its own stress points. However, experienced auto transporters are able to identify the best places and how to secure every vehicle.

Older cars, like the classics of the 50s and 60s era, may have metal that is weaker or partially rusted. Truckers are aware to not add weight to these parts. The trucker will use special canvas straps and additional tire strapping to secure the car in this instance.

Sometimes parts such as Hotrods or Roadsters cannot be fitted inside a car and need to be shipped. These parts must be secured using cargo nets or straps.

Equipment must be shipped to properly accommodate large and heavy loads such as a M35A or MRAP military vehicle. Due to the vehicles' durability, chains can be used. These can be attached to the frame with stronger, wider straps and larger, more powerful ratchets to withstand the additional pressure.

Love is the labor of love

Move Car has shipped cars of all sizes and shapes. You've now seen how and why auto transport is so important. Here are some examples of Move Car's methods to ensure that every vehicle travels at its best.

Although it's a huge responsibility, it's something we are up to. Because they love the experience and the cars, our car haulers have spent the time learning how to take care of this special cargo.