Posted on 11/26/21

How Can I Tell If My Auto Transporter Is Trustworthy

How Can I Tell If My Auto Transporter Is Trustworthy

There will always be stories about fraud and poor business practices as consumers interact with businesses. This is true for the auto transport industry as well. How can you ensure the company that moves your car is trustworthy and reliable? These are the three things you should be looking for when choosing an auto transporter.

The Three Checkpoints

  1. Check with Better Business Bureau - The BBB gathers and offers free business reviews for more than 4,000,000 businesses across the US and Canada. Although it is not required that auto transport companies be members of BBB, consumers may still file complaints against those transporters who have not fulfilled their service level agreements. This is a great way to find out if there have been any complaints against the transporter you are interested in, and how often they were. Also, it will tell you how the transporter responded to these complaints.
  2. Search Online for the Transporter's Name. One of the most common uses of the internet by consumers is to search for reviews, reputation scores, and other information about businesses you are interested in working with. Many consumers report negative experiences with auto transporters, including scams and bad business practices. Be sure to verify that the complaint is valid and not just a consumer complaining about something they cannot control. It is normal to not be concerned if there are multiple complaints. However, it is worth looking for a pattern of complaints or issues that could indicate a problem.
  3. Check their MCN Number - While the BBB doesn't require auto transporters to be members, USDOT (US Department of Transportation), does. An MC number is required for auto transporters. Ask your auto transporter for their valid MC number. Next, visit the USDOT website to verify that it is valid.

You can be sure that the auto transporter you're considering is trustworthy if they comply with the above points.