Posted on 12/03/21

Why Moving Your Car Across The Country Is Safer Than Moving Elsewhere

Why Moving Your Car Across The Country Is Safer Than Moving Elsewhere

You're moving and road-tripping from one state to the other sounds like fun. You're probably right in theory. There are many pleasures to be had on the open road, from the numerous burger places to the attractions along the side roads. However, driving your car across the country by yourself can be dangerous.

Do you know that large interstates run across the United States are some of the most dangerous roads? You might also find that future repairs can be costly due to the wear and tear of your cross-country road trip. On a more positive note, it is possible for your dream of traveling the country with your children to become a nightmare due to car sickness or boredom-fueled bad behavior. Do you really want to be responsible for the logistics of a long-distance road trip while you are also trying to manage the work involved in a cross-country move?

When you are moving, a road trip isn't the best way to transport your car across the country. You can always go on that epic road trip after you settle into your new neighborhood. It is better to hire an auto transport company than you do right now. Not only will it save you time and money but also your car. This article will explain how to choose between car transport companies and why it is safer to ship your car on a carrier.

How to choose a transport company

You're getting a hassle-free, safe experience when you hire a company for transporting your car across the country. While your vehicle is moving from one place to another, you can focus on setting up your new home. As simple as shipping can seem, you will find that there are many decisions to be made. The most important decision is to choose the transport company. Ensure that the transporters you are considering are insured and licensed.

You'll then need to choose your drop-off and pick-up locations. Do you agree to pick up your vehicle at a local hub or drop-off location? Do you prefer your vehicle to travel on an open-air carrier or do you prefer it to be picked up at a local hub? Perhaps your car is valuable and you prefer enclosed transport. There are many things to consider!

Move Car's goal is to make it as easy as possible. So when you speak to one of our experts in car shipping, they will walk you through all options so that you are 100% confident transporting your vehicle across the country. To help you navigate the logistics of shipping your vehicle, we have created a step by step checklist.

Safety is the main concern when using an auto transport company

Americans love driving and cars are an integral part of American culture. As such, most people feel comfortable driving long distances. Cross-country driving can be less dangerous than we realize. Is Driving dangerous? Although driving is not dangerous, you will encounter other dangers as well.

Moving your car across the country is statistically safer for you, your family, and your car. This reduces the chance of you getting into an accident, and it also prevents your car from sustaining damage that could lead to a breakdown later.

It's also a matter of time

One thing is fifteen hundred miles as the Crow Flies. It's another thing to travel fifteen hundred miles on twisting roads, taking bathroom breaks, filling up with gas, and uttering endless "I'm bored!" Many people begin planning road trips with an idealism bordering on fantasy. It's a leap of faith to assume you'll have a good time. You should not be rushing to road-trip as part of your relocation plans.

You can almost guarantee that your vehicle will reach your destination when you need it. You are at the mercy of traffic, flat tires, and weather. It's possible to arrive at your new residence half an hour late than you planned, which is a good thing. The worst-case scenario is that you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, waiting for a repair so long that your first day at work is missed.

Even if the road conditions were perfect, your car will survive the trip unharmed, and your children will be remarkably well-behaved. Is taking a road trip the best use possible of your time? It would be more sensible to take the time to unpack, settle in, and learn about your new neighborhood. When you ship your vehicle across the country, you'll have plenty time for all of that. You can choose expedited shipping for a faster delivery and a guarantee of your vehicle's arrival if you are concerned about not having it when you need.

It can be cheaper to transport a car around the country than drive it

Perhaps you are concerned about how much it will cost to ship your car. Many people believe that moving a car across the country is expensive, and that driving it will be more cost-effective. The reality is often very different. Consider all the costs associated with an epic road trip, especially if you bring your kids.

The gas you need to get there and the snacks and drinks you purchase when you fill up are the most obvious expenses. There will be a place to sleep on the road. It all depends on how comfortable your accommodation needs to be. It is expensive to eat three meals per day while on the road. You'll be spending a lot on your drive if you have a flat tire, a battery problem, an oil change, or even a tune-up when you get to your destination.

Car transport companies will offer you quotes. This gives you an all-inclusive price, and doesn't include future costs due to wear and tear. The price of shipping a car across America depends on many factors, including the make and model of the vehicle, its condition, the type of carrier used and the distance from the destination. A sedan can be shipped from Boston to Los Angeles for $1,400. A family of four can road-trip the same route. It will almost certainly cost you more.

But how safe will my car arrive?

Even if you have decided to drive your car, it is still possible to feel stressed. It can feel like an unsafe decision to leave your car in the care of strangers and hope for the best. This is normal. However, Move Car moves hundreds of cars every day.

To ensure safety, the auto transport industry is extremely well-regulated. Car haulers restrict the time drivers can spend on the roads to reduce fatigue. Regular safety inspections and maintenance are performed on all trucks and carriers to ensure they are safe and functional. Safety inspections are also conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The USDOT requires all auto transport companies to have full coverage insurance for every vehicle they ship.

Which auto transport option should I choose?

Enclosed auto transport is safer than open transport when transporting cars across the country. This is because the vehicle is protected from the elements. This means that cars being transported are protected against road debris, weather and curious people. Auto transport companies usually move cars on secure open trailers. These vehicles arrive at their destination looking and driving exactly the same as when they arrived. Open-air shipping is usually cheaper and allows you to choose your shipping date.

Open air transport is the safest option for most cross-country moves. However, if your car has a high value, is an antique, or is very unusual, it may be safer to ship it in an enclosed trailer. It will keep it safe from dirt and prying eyes. You have the option to choose.