Posted on 12/14/21

Avoid The Hazards Of Driving Your Car Across Country

Avoid The Hazards Of Driving Your Car Across Country

Living in a community over a prolonged period of time is comfort. We are accustomed to being set in our own ways. It is a short drive to work. There are many stores nearby. You can also find recreational activities nearby. All we require is close to the place we choose to live. Sometimes, however, there are work opportunities that make it too tempting to move to another part of the country.

The decision has been made. It is now time to move. We can help you move your furniture and belongings from one place to another. What about your car? Is it better to take the risk of driving your car on the open roads to get to your new house, or to hire a professional car transport company to do the job?

Factor in Hazards

Your workload will be reduced when you work with professional transport companies. Your job is over once you have prepared your vehicle for shipping. There is nothing you need to do but claim your car at the end of the journey.

You and your car are at greater risk if you drive across the country. Road construction, multi-car pileups, and oil spills are all possible. What if one of these dangers impacts your car? Are you willing to spend hours trying to find a qualified mechanic on busy highways?

Human fatigue is another danger when driving across the country. You'll feel tired and weaker mentally and physically after hours of driving. This will make you less sharp and increase your chances of getting into an accident.

You can avoid cross-country driving hazards by choosing to drive your car, but there are many other factors that influence whether you choose to have it professionally moved or to drive it.

Take into account the Mileage

Statistics show that Americans travel more by road to visit family and for vacations. However, the emphasis is on short trips. It can be stressful to drive a car across the country. To determine if driving your car across the country is more practical, or hiring a professional transportation company such as Move Car Auto Transport, you will need to take into account several factors.

The distance to be moved is one of the most important things to consider when you decide to drive or ship your vehicle across the country.

To move from New York to Los Angeles, you will need to navigate 2,800 miles of roads. This is a lot of mileage to drive your car on one trip. estimates that a trip this long would cost less than $350 if it is assumed that gas prices average $2.89 per gallon. We all know that driving costs more than fuel. You also have to pay parking fees, road tolls, and meals, as well as vehicle maintenance. Driving your car across the country can be costly, as your vehicle's depreciation is affected with every mile.

How valuable is your time?

Once you have calculated the distance, the next step is to determine the travel time. You can drive across the country at a racecar speed and reach your destination in just a few days. However, it takes around a week to cross the country. This allows drivers to stop for rest breaks. Safety considerations for drivers like stopping at rest stops are crucial to the safety of all road users.

It would be wonderful to turn your drive into an extended vacation, stopping at historical landmarks and tourist sites along the way. But do you have the time or the flexibility to make these stops? Is it possible to keep your children from school for such a long time if you have children? Are you going to be able to unpack and get your stuff organized if you take time off work to drive your car across the country?

It may be more practical to ship your vehicle if you have limited time for the move.

Shipping Options

You should make sure that you hire a licensed, bonded, and insured transportation company if you decide shipping your vehicle is more sensible than driving.

Most automobile transportation companies offer many shipping options. The various shipping options include:

Open-air transportation is the best option for cross-country vehicle transport. It does however leave the vehicle vulnerable to road and weather hazards.

A hard-sided enclosed carrier protects the vehicle from any weather and travel conditions. Enclosed transport provides enough comfort for most vehicles to make your vehicle feel at home on the way to its new home.

Auto transporters that offer Luxury/High-End services include additional protections such as:


  • Open Air Transport
  • Enclosed Transport
  • Exotic, Luxury, and High-End Transport
  • Door to Door Transportation
  • Air ride suspension to stop "chucking."
  • For a secure fit, brackets can be mounted on the wall or floor.
  • A hydraulic lift gate is used for loading and unloading.
  • Protective drip guards are available to stop potential leaks.


Door-to-Door transport is the most efficient shipping option. The vehicle is collected from your home and then delivered to your destination.

Even if the move is positive, it can be stressful to move from one state into another. Do not let road travel be a burden on your neck.