Posted on 12/30/21

How to Interact With Auto Transport Carriers During the COVID 19 Pandemic

How to Interact With Auto Transport Carriers During the COVID 19 Pandemic

You have options if you need to ship your vehicle during the national shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Department of Homeland Security has designated Transportation an essential industry. This means that vehicle transporters can continue to deliver vehicle shipments to all areas of the country. A college student may suddenly need to transport a vehicle from school, or a snowbird whose plans have changed unexpectedly. You might also find yourself forced to live somewhere else and realize the importance of having a vehicle. Many people, even those who have never shipped a vehicle before, suddenly find they need one. While shutting down orders will not affect your ability to ship anything, it is important to take basic precautions for your safety and the safety of your car transport carrier. These guidelines will help you hand off your vehicle without putting others at risk.

Before Drop off

It has not changed much how to prepare your vehicle for transport. It is important to clean out the vehicle's interior and get rid of any valuable items. You may need to prepare a kit of supplies, including disinfectant wipes and face masks. This kit can be shipped with the vehicle or authorized person. Ask the bank teller to place the bills in an envelope if you have to go to the bank to withdraw cash for the carrier. To limit your exposure and keep the carrier safer, don't count them.

During Drop off

Face-to-face meetings with auto transport carriers during COVID-19 are no different from meeting with any other person. Start by covering your face with a mask when you go out in public. CDC suggests that you make a face cover out of any materials you have at home. No matter what material or quality, covering your nose and mouth with something covers the possibility of infection and transmission. During drop-off, wear disposable gloves and keep six feet from other people. If you are exchanging money or paperwork, please place it on a flat surface and then walk away. You can also bring your own pen to limit exposure. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after the meeting with the driver of the auto transport.

during Pickup

When picking up a vehicle, you will need to use the same safety precautions as before: don't forget your mask and gloves, be careful, etc. Even though Coronavirus is a common disease, a vehicle that rides on the back of a truck is unlikely to have been exposed. It is still a good idea to treat any vehicle that you come across as a risk. Use disinfectant wipes to clean any surface you touch, even if gloves are worn. Make sure you clean the door handle, the gear shift, as well as the steering wheel. These are the areas that the car transport vehicle likely touched. The vehicle should now be safe to drive. However, you might want to clean it more thoroughly later.

Stay Safe with Your Own Vehicle

You can keep your family and friends safe by staying at home. Driving is still a vital part of life. It's much easier to shelter in place if you can go out and buy supplies or order takeout. Going for a drive can help you to reduce cabin fever and keep your social distance. With gasoline prices lower than ever, this is a great opportunity to enjoy freedom and the open road. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a public bathroom, so don't go too far. Having your own car makes it easier to get through this historic time in history. This is a key point to remember as you think about your future and how you can stay healthy both mentally and physically.

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