Posted on 11/08/21

Chicago Police Department Buys 500 Ford Police Interceptors

Chicago Police Department Buys 500 Ford Police Interceptors

Recently, the Chicago Police Department placed an order to purchase 500 new police cars. The Chicago Police Department noted the Ford Crown Victoria as a non-starter after it was taken out of production. The Dodge Charger Police Vehicle and the Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle were not selected. Chicago Police Department chose the Chicago-built 2021 Ford Interceptor. It is a combination of newly introduced Explorers and Tauruses.

New Cars for CPD

Ford claims this is the largest commitment Ford has made to the new Police Interceptor fleet, even though 1200 agencies have placed Interceptor orders. Ford has been selling Explorer and Taurus vehicles for some time, but police-ready models only started leaving the factory in January.

The Chicago Police Department has been around for 177 years. In 1906, officers were not mounted. Chicago's police force received three automobiles two years later. The CPD currently patrols 237 miles to protect and serve more than a 2.8million people. Ford Interceptors, which will be approximately $30,000.

When a jurisdiction purchases new patrol cars, it is important to consider their handling, durability, ruggedness, and interior capacity. Ford emphasizes the sedan's fuel-efficiency advantages in the Taurus case, especially when compared to Ford's Crown Victoria, which is Canadian-built. A police department's advantages are not measured in cents per mile, considering the large number of miles they drive with a lot of cars.

The Old Crown Victorias

CPD's older Crown Victorias, rated at 16 MPG, is recommended for city driving. The turbocharged, 365-horsepower, all-wheel-drive Taurus will get one more mpg than the Crown Vic. The naturally-aspirated V6 engine in the Explorer all-wheel-drive SUV, America's most iconic SUV, will outperform the Crown Vic in the city and offer its driver 290 horsepower. You'll recall that the Crown Victoria struggled to prove its 239 horsepower.

We can't deny that the Taurus Police Interceptor and any modern police vehicle are very different from the F-150 or Prius. The Dodge Charger is actually a 19-mpg vehicle in its basic V6 version. There is no Ford Police Interceptor that has a higher rating. The Chevrolet Caprice PPV Chevrolet's V8 version is highly sought-after. It doesn't expect to get more than 15 MPG, which is worse than the Ford Crown Victoria, but with far more power.

The Chicago PD might have overlooked another group of potential contenders for their police vehicles during the procurement process. While the police-only Carbon Motors E7 may be worth waiting for it, there is no denying that waiting can be costly. In 2011, New York's Fashion Week used a Mercedes-Benz CLS63AMG Mercedes-Benz CLS63. Chattanooga is known for its collaboration on the new Passat. However, Chattanooga also acquired a diesel-powered Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen cop vehicle. Korea uses the rear-wheel-drive Hyundai Genesis sedan.

What about other countries?

The Kia Soul was the police car of preference in Horsham South (Sussex) at times. The Mitsubishi I MiEV, which is located across the pond from the West Midlands has been the vehicle of choice for very specific police responsibilities. The Lexus ISF is responsible for stretching its legs in Humberside where high-speed pursuits used to be handled by a Subaru Impreza WRX.

A 271-horsepower Jaguar XF Diesel is still a common policing tool in the UK. We all know that Lamborghini Gallardo is a very popular Italian police car. Is this why they are having financial difficulties? Although Gallardo's primary job is to deliver organs for transplant, it was not their main task. Minivans would make great police cars, even if they are not in the same class as supercars.

The Chicago PD would not have made use of any of these options, but it would have been as comfortable, efficient, and stylish as the Jaguar XF Diesel. Ford's emphasis on fuel economy may seem a little too strong. There must be other reasons as well, such as the Taurus's Volvo-inspired safety systems, SYNC, and the sculpting that has gone into making rear seats more comfortable for passengers.

The mayor of Chicago made it clear that he wanted Ford Police Interceptors to be used by his police department. Ford manufactures the Police Interceptors in its Torrence Avenue plant, Hegewisch on the southern side. This reduces the need for cars movers or at least limits the cost. We not only have cars made here in Chicago and designed here in Chicago. But we are going to spend our money. We will order the cars from this plant," Mayor Rahm El stated. It is possible that politics may have played a part. Chicago, of course!

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