Posted on 02/03/22

Car Transport Prices May Rise If There Are Not Enough Drivers

Car Transport Prices May Rise If There Are Not Enough Drivers

The United States has a problem with truck drivers.

Currently, overland trucks account for 70% of all goods that are shipped in the United States. This includes the vehicles that are transported on auto transport trucks. Right now, there is a driver shortage of approximately 48,000 drivers. This means that 48,000 trucking jobs are unfilled. This includes the auto transport industry. This number is expected to increase to 175,000 by 2024.

This is a large increase.

How does this affect the price of a car transport?

If there are fewer drivers capable of transporting vehicles, that means there will be fewer auto shipping trucks. There will be fewer car shippers to fulfill the demand if there aren't as many. This means that the demand is much greater than the supply and prices rise accordingly.

This is a problem that many companies wish to avoid. How can they avoid this shortage of drivers while keeping car transport costs low for their customers?

This is the question, right now.

Self-driving trucks are now available

Self-driving cars and trucks for transportation are the real solutions. The industry is under pressure to hire more drivers or make changes in the way they work right now because there are not enough drivers. Amazon, Ford, and BMW are already considering this. Self-driving cars are also being considered by Tesla. It seems that this is the direction we are headed. Google already has self-driving cars and they can reportedly tell speed limits. This is a significant step forward.

was the first self-driving truck. We talked about it earlier. While technology is still very young, it is growing rapidly. Self-driving trucks have the potential to revolutionize this industry. This will result in faster transit times for you and likely lower vehicle transport costs. There are still many things to do.

That's really the core of the matter. Will self-driving trucks be possible by 2023? Or 2024? How will car transport prices change if the driver crunch persists? Unfortunately, we are only making guesses at the moment. If there are more trucks that don't have drivers, car transport costs will rise. Prices for self-driving trucks could also rise as technology continues to develop. However, things may change - make sure you stay with Move Car to stay up to date.

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