Posted on 12/11/21

Car Shipping Guide 6 Steps For Transport Success

Car Shipping Guide 6 Steps For Transport Success

You're likely to be like most people and have never shipped a vehicle before. The whole process can seem confusing for anyone who is new to vehicle shipping. It is possible to ask, "How do you start the car shipping process?" What are the timelines I should be aware? What is the best way to ship a car?

It's good news! All the answers you need are here. Here are six steps to help you understand what you can expect before your car goes on its journey without you. You can rest assured that your car is in the best hands with the right company. Move Car agents can provide instant quotes or answer any questions you may have about car shipping.

Understanding car shipping

Although it may sound simple, getting a vehicle from A to B is not difficult. There are some things you need to know in order to understand how transporting a car works.

Finding the right car transport company is crucial. One with a good reputation and proven experience is key. For more information, please refer to this article about what you should look for in a car transport company. A vehicle transport company can help you place your order and then find the best carrier for your needs, based on your timeframe.

STEP 1 - Conduct initial research

Start your research as soon you realize you might need to ship your vehicle. Although there are many options online, not all auto transport companies are reliable. Check out their reviews and ratings at the Better Business Bureau. Next, request vehicle shipping estimates and compare costs. Keep in mind that the lowest quote does not always mean the best customer service. For more information, see How to Choose the Best Car Shipping Company.

STEP 2: Choose your auto transport company

You're now confident that you have done your research and found the right auto transport company. It is better to arrange your shipment as soon as possible. If possible, we recommend that you arrange your shipment at least four weeks before the shipping date. However, it is possible to arrange transport even with very short notice. Move Car will send you an email confirmation once your order has been confirmed. It includes a summary and location information. The email confirmation will contain information such as the location, city, zip code, vehicle year, make and model, and the first shipping date. It also includes the terms and conditions along with a description of what you can expect next.

STEP 3: Inspect your vehicle

Make sure your vehicle is in good condition before you ship. Also, make sure that there are no fluid leakages. Move Car can arrange transportation for inoperable cars as long as the vehicle is capable of rolling, brake, and steering properly. Also, both pickup and delivery locations must be accessible by large trucks or other accommodations.

STEP 4: Take out any valuable items

We recommend that you remove spare change, parking passes, and toll tags.

STEP 5: Preparation for the car and driver

Your driver will contact you by phone, text, or email the day before your pick-up date to confirm your location and time. For a quick and easy inspection of your vehicle's condition by the driver, wash it before it goes on its journey. These are some tips to help you prepare your car for transport.

STEP 6: Get your vehicle

Before signing for your vehicle, you will need to conduct a final inspection with your driver. You'll then be on your own!

Car shipping has many benefits

You probably have a lot of things on your list if you are moving for work, retirement, or seasonal living. You can leave auto transport to professionals, and you will have more time to do other things. An auto transport company will handle all the details and do everything possible to make sure your vehicle arrives safely at its destination. Car shipping offers many benefits, including a lower cost and faster delivery.

Move Car is always happy to assist!

Move Car Auto Transport can help you with step 1 (conduct research, get quotes). We are a top-rated car shipping broker and arrange transport for more than 140,000 vehicles per year. Find out what customers have to say about Move Car and what they can expect from us.