Posted on 12/30/21

Car Shipping Advice For College Students

Car Shipping Advice For College Students

How to Schedule College Student Auto Transport

Each August we witness a rise in college student vehicle shipping. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started. There are no guarantees in the car shipping industry. This is not the same as shipping a package. You can't overnight it. Shipping cars is more complicated because of many variables.

Do College Students Need Auto Transport?

Why would you ship your vehicle to college when you could drive it to campus? College student auto transport is often more sensible than other options. Here are the reasons:

  • Quality time - If you are sending your child off to college, will you want to drive in separate cars? You can drive your child's car together, and you get to spend some quality time together before you have to live in separate locations for the first time.
  • Flexibility-You might want to turn your trip to college into an extended adventure, or you may have a difficult schedule. You don't have to worry about getting a car to college, or when it will arrive. A college student auto transport service takes care of all the details.
  • Mobility –A common scenario is when a college student arrives at school and discovers that he or she requires more than a bicycle to get around. The car is still at their family home but it's difficult to transport the vehicle to school. This article provides car shipping tips that make it simple to transport a vehicle to a student's destination.

Car Shipping Tips - Scheduling in 3 Steps

1. Add a day to your vehicle's arrival date. It is not possible to meet with a car shipping driver on the same day that you move into your dorm. Nobody. Too many other things going on, and why stress about stress when there is already enough? Add another day. We assume that the college student doesn't want the vehicle to be used to transport them to school. An example of this might be

August 22: Arrive on campus to move into
August 23, 2009 - First date to receive the vehicle at destination (because of an additional day).

2. Calculate the distance that college student auto transport takes from their point of origin (probably home) to the destination, the university. Let's assume it's 2,300 mi. According to DOT rules, car shipping drivers cannot drive more than 500 miles per day. This is to ensure everyone's safety. This means that the driver must be on the road for at least five days. It would be foolish to make the vehicle available for your college student earlier than possible. If you are certain that the student will not receive the vehicle by August 23rd please make it available to them on...

August 18: First day to ship college student car

3. It makes sense to choose August 18th as the first available date. This is because it takes at least five shipping days, and August 23rd is the earliest receiving date. This does not necessarily mean that the car will ship by August 18th. That is where the problem begins for college students, as well as their parents. Many other vehicles must also be shipping within close proximity to both the destination and origin. It doesn't happen every day. If both the destination and origin are in well-populated areas, it usually happens within one week. It can be very difficult for college students to transport their vehicles to remote areas because there is less truck traffic. In ideal conditions, this means that the college student may be without a vehicle for several days or even a whole week.

No one can predict car shipping times with any degree of accuracy. It is not known at the time of placing the order whether a carrier will ship your student's car or assign a driver. We only know the probabilities and cannot guarantee them.

Can someone speed up college student auto transport?

They can be provided they have the right advice. Move Car Auto Transport offers three car shipping rates levels: Standard (Expedited), Rush (Rapid). The Standard Rate is fine for most people, as the vehicle gets assigned to a carrier within 1-7 days, and 80% of the time. This is the most affordable option for car shipping, especially for people on a tight budget. Most people will be fine with waiting a few days. A large percentage of cars ship in a few days, and at a lower rate. The Expedited Rate increases the chance of success to 85%, and the time required to ship is reduced to just four days. If parents are worried about car shipping, the Expedited rate is often worth it. Some people don't like to compromise and choose the Rush Rate. You can jump in there's a driver in the area of the origination, heading towards the destination,... The chances of success rise to 90% and the time it takes to assign a driver are drastically reduced to 1-2 days. Although none of this is guaranteed, the likelihood of success is extremely high.

For parents of college students, here are some tips for car shipping

Many college campuses have a reliable mass transit system, and most students are happy with it. This is a great way for them to make new friends and meet others. until your college student has a vehicle, hopefully, they can make the most of it. Sometimes, even the smallest inconveniences of life can turn out to be blessings in disguise. Paul McCartney introduced John Lennon and George Harrison to each other on a bus. It worked out well. The children learn to make their own decisions and adapt. We love your child, and we know how much you care about them. But, take a deep breath, and remember that everything will work out in the end.

See our Standard, Expedited, and Rush rates. Use our car shipping calculator to get a quote. You can also find out more information about the car shipping industry by visiting.