Posted on 01/07/22

Car Shipping Tips Why You Should Not Pay A Deposit Until Assigned

Car Shipping Tips Why You Should Not Pay A Deposit Until Assigned

After a customer has used our online car shipping calculator to get an auto transport quote, they can go to the order form to complete the shipment. To book the order, the customer must pay $0 at the completion of the vehicle shipping form. The nominal deposit will be charged only after the customer has been assigned a transport carrier. This is because we believe it's the right thing to do. Good faith! That's good faith for both the customer and the shipper.

Why we do not require a deposit for auto transport at the time of booking

Every month, we produce thousands of quotes. Only serious customers are allowed to book for our car shipping services. Each one is then dealt with in good faith, as we believe the customer is serious. Some people may want nothing and it would be a huge waste of time and energy. Many people will use multiple brokers to double, triple, or quadruple their auto-shipping orders. This is self-destructive because truck drivers will see such things on the boards and avoid them for fear of losing the vehicle. A driver should stick with cars that have been listed only once with one broker. This usually happens with brokers that collect credit card billing information.

People are reluctant to pay for more than one service. This is actually a good thing. Car shippers are drawn to that particular vehicle because they know it will not be available when the customer arrives. Brokers who don't ask for credit card information upfront can be notoriously wild and list loads they don't have agreements with. This can cause major problems for auto transport customers. These brokers don't care as they didn't collect any money, so there is no implied duty to perform. Is it possible that the customer didn't provide credit card information? No, they haven’t. Is there any responsibility for the customer? Yes, there is. But those guys don’t feel it.

What is the real deal with some car shippers' no deposits?

Some brokers cannot process credit card transactions. If they could, they would take credit card deposits information. However, they are too weak to qualify for Merchant Gateway Accounts. They put on a good face and boast that they don’t collect deposits. They secretly wish they could because it would make their lives so much easier.

Many of the no deposit auto-shipper brokers are in danger of losing their Merchant Gateway credit cards due to excessive chargebacks and returns. Our cancellation rate is approximately 10%. This means that we do a great job pricing our orders. To see our auto transport rate calculator, click here. There are many vehicle shipping brokers that have cancellation rates over 50%. Imagine that. We don't think so. Brokers who don't know how to price or are not knowledgeable will wait until they see which orders they get to ship. After that, they will charge the deposit and ask the carrier for their broker fees upon delivery. Although they brag about it, they actually hate doing business this way. They find it frustrating when customers change their mind about shipping or the date or don't have the money or argue over the price after they have made the transport arrangements. Are these brokers truly willing to conduct business in such a chaotic manner? It's not true. They do it because there is no other option.

Here's another way to think about it

It is important to note that reliable auto transport brokers such as us perform well for customers who are willing to give their credit card information after their vehicle has been assigned a transport carrier. We then work hard in good faith to complete the task. This is the best and most reliable method.

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