Posted on 11/26/21

Can We Get Rid Of Our Car Addiction

Can We Get Rid Of Our Car Addiction

The question of car addiction is a constant topic in the world of transportation. Why is it that people are so willing to travel with the possibility of meeting their cars at the other end of the journey? Psychology surrounding transportation can help answer that question. Many people choose to drive their cars to their destinations, despite the availability of mass transit and bicycling. There has been an increase in demand for vehicle shipping services all over the world. Why is it so difficult for many drivers to live without their vehicles?

Traffic Psychology

Wikipedia says traffic psychology, also known as Mobility psychology, explores the human relationship to and thoughts regarding transportation. This branch of psychology is relatively new and focuses on the study of road users' behavior and the psychological processes that underlie it. Linda Steg is a Conservation Psychologist at the University of Groningen, Netherlands.

"When I interviewed people who drove in traffic jams every day, they told me that driving was a pleasure and that they enjoy it. It was more of status symbol than something that was functional"

This is a reason people are dependent on their cars. What about the need for autonomy by travelers? It's wonderful to be able to travel to other countries at your own pace. quality car drivers love to drive. Is there anyone who doesn't like to pull up at a stoplight and be admired by people on the street?

I am driving, and I am shipping my car!

It is normal for people to be attached to their cars. Human nature is to want to feel accomplished by others and society at large. Linda Steg's suggestion for the status symbol" component of Linda Steg's'status symbol' component is a way to achieve this. While functionality is not the main reason vacationers or relocating people want their cars with them it is an important factor. Many people ship their cars to a transport company when they travel across the country.

What are the Benefits?

Shipping your car to your business or vacation destination can have many benefits. It is usually more economical and is better for your car's health. Car transport is the best option to save money, time, fuel, and have peace of mind. This is what many people have realized and it shows in increased demand for auto shipping services across the US and around the world. Mobility psychology is what explains why people love driving and also helps to sustain an entire industry, the car transport industry.