Posted on 12/29/21

California New Policies Help To Reduce Pollution

California New Policies Help To Reduce Pollution

You should be aware that new policies are in effect for freight and vehicle shipping in California. These policies will likely increase shipping costs and impact the lives of consumers. It could make it more difficult for people to transport vehicles within, around, and out of California because of these policies. Continue reading to learn more about California's truck laws.

California Air Quality Legislation

California has decided to cease registering heavy trucks built prior to 2011 and any truck powered by an engine made before 2010. This is in an effort to improve California's air quality, especially in densely-populated areas. The state has created an enforcement tool to automatically stop any driver operating a truck that is not compliant with the law. This includes car transport carriers.
California will gradually implement these rules. All trucks over 26,000 pounds, which includes vehicle haulers, must comply by January 1, 2020. This rule applies to all trucks between 14,000-26,000. They were produced prior to 2004.

All trucks produced between 2000, 2004, and 2010 must be compliant by January 1, 2023. No truck that is registered in California after 2011 will have an engine or truck older than 2010. The state should reduce the number of older, less efficient trucks on the roads. This will have a positive effect on air quality and help meet climate change goals. These are positives. The freight industry, which includes drivers, shippers, and anyone who is interested in auto hauling, will shoulder the majority of the cost. The additional cost will be passed onto Californians, it stands to reason.

These changes are part of an overall effort to reduce diesel smog in California. Legislators recently passed rules that truck drivers must have their rigs tested for smog every two years. This is similar to the requirements for passenger vehicles. To achieve the same goal, 9% and 75% of vocational vehicles will have to be electric by 2025. These actions, which are similar to the rules to remove older trucks from the roads, aim to improve air quality but at the expense of the shipping industry. This affects all, car shippers and others who plan to ship goods in California.

What California Truck Laws Mean to You

These rules do not apply to trucks that are registered in California but travel to California to pick up or deliver shipments. They still apply to a lot of trucks, considering that there is 420,000 heavy-duty truck registered in California. Some estimates suggest that 200,000 trucks could lose their registrations by 2023, particularly for smaller shipping and construction companies that have older vehicles in their fleet.

These costs will eventually shift from shipper to consumer in one way or another. These laws will force shippers to buy new trucks and upgrade their truck engines. This will require them to make substantial new investments that they can cover with higher freight prices. It is difficult to estimate how much, particularly with so many rule changes that affect a wide variety of vehicles and come into effect in a very short time. However, California is facing price increases that could lead to smaller carriers going out of business and further industry consolidation. Freight will not disappear completely. Instead, expect it to become less accessible than ever before.

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Vehicle Shipping Options in California

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