Posted on 11/08/21

Best Auto Transport Solutions Differences Between Car Transport Trailers

Best Auto Transport Solutions Differences Between Car Transport Trailers

You might be moving to a new house, giving away a vehicle for parts, or buying a classic car online that you need delivered to your home. Now is the time to consider your options. Although there are many options for transport, most people prefer to use the over-the-road method. A truck pulls your vehicle on a trailer.

Which Auto Transport Trailer Is Right for You?

Let's start with the basics. There are two types of trailers. An enclosed and an open one. An enclosed trailer has sides and roofs, while an open trailer doesn't. Learn more about open and closed transport solutions, or continue reading to find out which trailer is best for you.

The most important question to ask is: What type of auto shipper do you want?

I won't move my car too far

A trailer that can transport one to six cars is an excellent option for moving your car. These single-level, open trailers can be towed behind a pickup truck or dually truck (a pickup that has an additional set of rear wheels). This is similar to a tow truck. They are best suited for short-distance trips because they are exposed and low to the ground.

I own a collector's or luxury car

An enclosed trailer is recommended if you are looking to protect your vintage, collector, or luxury vehicle. There are two types of enclosed trailers: soft-sided and hard-sided. Both offer greater protection than an open trailer because your valuable possessions are protected from the elements, road debris, and thefts that may occur during travel.

I am transporting a large vehicle or another large object.

Monster trucks, RVs, and other large, specialty vehicles are often transported in the same manner as cars, on an open, single-level trailer. There are exceptions so make sure you hire a transporter who is familiar with the tools, equipment, and expertise needed to move recreational vehicles.

I need to transport multiple vehicles

It is a good idea to transport multiple vehicles in one shipment. You can also take advantage of multicar discounts. Are you concerned about their safety? An enclosed multi-level, multi-vehicle trailer, with multiple levels, is a great option. This trailer can transport multiple vehicles simultaneously and provides some protection against damage. A multi-vehicle, open-level, multi-vehicle truck is another reliable option.

I am shipping a car that does not run

Do you want to donate an inoperable vehicle? Or do you prefer shipping it to a specialist mechanic for repair? It is not as important as the skill of the person who moves it. The trucker must either push or winch the car onto the truck if it is not possible to drive the car on and off the transport truck.

Also, the inoperable vehicle should be located at an accessible location for a large truck. If the truck is unable to maneuver around the vehicle, you'll need to transport it to a trucker-friendly location. Pickup may take longer because not all transport trucks are capable of accommodating inoperable vehicles.

I need my car shipped quickly

No matter the type of trailer you choose, expedited shipping will cost more. Multi-vehicle trailers will likely make several stops, and may not be able to meet your deadline. A trailer that can transport one to three cars at once is the most popular. This type of solution means that you won't have to wait for the driver to fill the trailer, and can be on the road in no time.

I am flexible and want to save money

A multi-level, multi-vehicle open trailer with a semi-truck behind it is the best option if you don't have a strict time schedule. This solution takes longer to transport because it requires more time to fill the trailer and get all vehicles to their destinations. You will usually pay less for the open trailer because you have more cars.

Are you still unsure which car transport trailer to choose?

There are many options available, which can lead to more questions than answers. A vehicle transport broker might be a good option. A broker can help you choose the right auto transport trailer for your vehicle, budget, timeframe, and other details.

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