Posted on 11/11/21

Instant Auto Transport Rate Widget for Classic Cars

Instant Auto Transport Rate Widget for Classic Cars

We have an announcement for you:

Move Car Auto Transport knows that classic cars, muscle cars, and other antique vehicles and collectibles sold on classified sites like are more than just utilitarian driving machines for their future and current owners. These vehicles are a piece of automotive history. They are treasured possessions, windows back into bygone eras. We understand the importance of vintage car collectors and classic car dealers booking an auto transporter that specializes in shipping antique and classic cars. We created the Instant Classic Car Shipping Rate Widget to meet the needs of vintage car buyers, dealers, and private sellers at

The calculator widget is so easy to use that even the least tech-savvy person will be able to get the shipping quote they need. It works as follows: After you have found the vintage car you are interested in, on, you will see an "Instant Shipping quote" widget at the lower left of that vehicle's main image. To get an estimate of auto transport costs, you will only need to enter your zip code. You can then click on "More Info", to access a Move car-specific rate or booking page. You can choose from open or enclosed auto transport rates to have your classic car delivered to you. Online booking and scheduling of your car shipment are possible. It's that easy. Cargo Insurance coverage will be included in your quoted rate. No personal information will be required.

We hope that you enjoy and use it. Enjoy classic car hunting!

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