Posted on 11/24/21

How To Quickly Choose An Auto Transport Company

How To Quickly Choose An Auto Transport Company

You just got a new job, and don't know how to get your car there. What if you bought a car online and now need to figure out how it is going to be delivered? Are you looking to bring your classic car to its first show? There are many scenarios that can be used to answer the question "How do I get my car there?".

If you've never used this service before, it can be hard to find a trustworthy company. These are the top tips to help you choose the right auto transport company.

Compare car moving companies

Research is key to identifying three to five car shipping companies that you are interested in. After you have selected a few companies, compare their shipping rates and services. Most websites will provide quotes to allow you to compare their prices with other companies.

TIP - It is best to not choose a company solely on its rate. While it may be cheaper to go with the lowest-priced company, they might not be reliable and take care of your vehicle properly.

Review auto transport reviews to see if the company has a good reputation

Be sure to look at websites that offer auto transport reviews. Look out for customer reviews. These reviews are often written by real customers who share their experiences with auto transport companies. Many customers leave honest reviews about their experiences with auto transport companies.

An excellent review should include links to the company's website, detailed service information, dates, and any other information that gives a true picture of their experience. Trust Pilot, My Moving Reviews and Transport Reviews are just a few examples of high-quality car shipping review websites.

You can also check if the company has been registered with the Better Business Bureau. This will help you determine if the service is reliable. You can also find a lot of customer reviews at the BBB that will help you choose the best auto shipping company.

Look at company services

You may require a specific service depending on your needs. If you need to transport your family car, open transport is the best option. Because it is both safe and affordable, this is the most popular delivery method. If you need to ship a vehicle that requires extra care, you may choose to ship it in an enclosed transport.

You should also check where the company delivers your car and picks it up. Are they using terminals? Do they offer door-to-door delivery options? You will need to travel to the terminal to drop off your vehicle and pick it up. If they use terminals, you'll need to go to a specific location to drop off and pick up your vehicle.

Ask about deposit

It's a red flag if a company states that its deposit is non-refundable. You should not pay anything to a car shipping company until you have a trucker assigned who is guaranteed to ship your vehicle. Before signing, make sure you have the deposit information. The best choice is to choose a company offering a $0 dues payment option.

Insurance and Liability

You must ensure that it is licensed, insured, and bonded before you sign with any company. If your vehicle is damaged during transport, you will not be responsible. For maximum coverage, a good auto transport company will offer both liability and cargo insurance. Ask a representative or look at the website to find out what they offer.

Although it may feel daunting to find the right auto transport company, there are many great ones out there. trusts a company that has positive reviews and a great reputation in the auto transport industry to assist you with shipping your car across the country.

Happy transporting!