Posted on 06/15/22

Automated Future Of Driving

Automated Future Of Driving

The self-driving vehicle is advancing steadily in time. They'll soon be a common name because it's almost impossible for people who are connected to the auto industry not to hear about new developments regarding one. We have already reported on Delphi's self-driving car making a cross-country road trip. Honda has now joined the California list of companies that are testing self-driving vehicles. So far, ten companies have been included. is the complete list.

Honda joined the list without much fanfare, but you might recall that they displayed their prototype Acura RLX last summer which was modified to be an autonomous vehicle. This is the first time we have heard about their self-driving car plans.

Autonomous brakes have been promoted by safety advocates as a way to reduce the risk of accidents in self-driving vehicles. If the car is in imminent collision with another vehicle or object, these brakes would automatically be applied. Automatic braking systems like these could help prevent nearly 2,000 deaths annually from rear-end collisions.

We are open to any technology that makes roads safer, whether it is self-driving cars or automatic brakes. The automotive industry should strive to reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by human error. However, this will allow for better commutes to work, summer vacations, and car and freight transport. California's differences are even more significant. We look forward to seeing how this affects the San Francisco car transportation service, as well as the San Jose car transport service.

You can find more information about Honda's self-driving car efforts and automated braking systems.