Posted on 11/15/22

Auto Shipping And Technology Today

Auto Shipping And Technology Today

The times are changing when it comes to car shipping! It used to be simple to ship your car from one place to another with many companies involved. But now, technology is taking over the majority of the work.

Technology Rules for the Car Shipping World

The car shipping industry has been slowly being dominated by technology. Shipping has been a popular consumer tool. It can be done online in seconds, and it can even be managed using route management software.

What is an Online Quote?

Move Car makes the first step of the process, the online quote, simple and painless.

Just enter a few details.

  • Current location of your vehicle
  • You want your vehicle delivered to a specific address
  • Your vehicle's year, make, and model
  • Whether it's running at the moment or not
  • Type of carrier: Do you prefer open (less expensive) carriers or closed ones?

After you fill out the contact form, you will receive an email with a quote within minutes. Once you have all the information about your shipping requirements, contact an SACD customer support representative. They can answer all of your questions and help you find the right shipping agency for the job.

How trustworthy is an online technology and how accurate are they?

The total price of your online move is broken down into two parts. These are the broker's fee or 'deposit', as it's commonly called, and the carrier fee (your COD). We recommend that you get multiple quotes. However, keep in mind that everyone who offers a quote will broker your move. Brokers will try to trick you into believing that they are actually the carriers (the ones moving your vehicle). You will also find a lot of carriers that advertise that they have trucks but that is honest about the fact they broker 90% of their orders.

Move Car's online calculator technology is precise without being too sneaky. This means that you will only be matched with shipping carriers we consider worthy.