Posted on 12/08/22

What Kind Of Insurance Do I Have For Shipping A Car

What Kind Of Insurance Do I Have For Shipping A Car

You deserve a transport company that can move your car to its destination smoothly, no matter how smooth or rough it is. What type of insurance do you need once you've found the right company? This article will address the most common question that customers ask.

What type of insurance coverage do I need?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions at Move Car. It's important because carriers must have insurance. However, some carriers that are lower quality do not. Ask potential carriers to show you their insurance policies when you ask them questions. You should ensure that you are protected against any damage caused by loading or unloading your vehicle. Ask your agent for assistance in translating the policy if you are unsure.

Common Questions to ask

Here's a list of questions you can ask carriers to help you decide if they are trustworthy and if they offer the right level of insurance. They are trying to get your business! They must conduct themselves professionally, and be honest. You can move on to the next one if they don't.

  • "Please explain to me your insurance coverage. I want to be sure that my car is insured in case of damage.
  • "Where can you find testimonials that show client satisfaction?"
  • "Do you require any deposit?" (This is a trick question as the carriers shouldn't ask for any deposit. Most carriers don't.)


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