Posted on 01/31/22

Auto Transport To Key West Florida

Auto Transport To Key West Florida

Do you need auto transport to Key West Florida? Don't worry - we can help! Key West is a Florida city, but it's also an Island, about 50 miles off the coast of southern Florida. You would normally need to travel by boat to reach an island. However, Key West and all of the Keys in Florida have roads access. It's much easier to get a car to Key West. It's not easy. We will talk about shipping to Key West, Florida. What to expect and how to make it even more enjoyable.

Here are some things to know about auto transportation to Key West, Florida

Key West, located 130 miles southwest of Miami by air, is the most southern city in the contiguous U.S. It takes three hours to drive from Miami by road. However, the journey is slightly longer. Key West isn't as popular as Florida for car transportation. Key West may have 25,000 residents, which could be one reason.

It's also far more than Miami, and not many carriers would like to drive that distance. They can only travel on the roads that are mostly on islands. However, they get stuck on the two-lane highway for three hours. A carrier won't likely go to Key West if they don't have to. They will only go if they can afford it.

You can save money by moving your pickup and delivery location closer to the Florida mainland. Homestead is a popular option. Dropping off at Homestead is much easier for carriers and customers.

While other Keys might work, they may not be as reliable. Carriers still find it difficult to navigate their large rigs on the narrow roads of the Keys.

We can provide more information on auto transport to Key West. Give us a call. We can provide more information about the difficulties that carriers face when getting to Key West. If you need advice or a quote to ship your vehicle, they can help.

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