Posted on 11/24/21

Auto Transport Get Your Car Ready

Auto Transport Get Your Car Ready

Don't think that it is easy to prepare your car for professionals moving across the country. Before you ship your car, make sure to thoroughly inspect it for several weeks. A professional auto transport driver should be able to identify any mechanical issues or leaks. To ensure that other cars are not damaged, leaky cars must be placed on bottom racks using carriers with dual layers. You must notify us in writing if there are any special requirements when driving cars off-road or on trailers.

You must also prepare your vehicle for loading. This includes loading the vehicle onto the truck and taking it off. It is a fact that the more you prepare your vehicle, the greater the chance that it will not be damaged and that delivery will occur on time.

If your car is convertible, you need to ensure that the top is securely fastened so that moisture, debris, and air do not get into the vehicle. You might consider wind-resistant tarps if the top is not secure. The antenna must be retracted and the mirrors folded back. Specialty items such as spoilers, ground effects, and fog lights must be removed and secured. The radio faceplate must be removed as well. It is also important to be attentive to your car alarm. It is very likely that the car alarm will go off during the shipping process. This can cause you to lose your battery, which you don't want. Before shipping begins, turn off your car alarm. Don't just use the switch. To ensure that there are no problems, you should disconnect the switch. If the alarm is not able to be disabled, you will need to provide written instructions on how the alarm can be turned off.

You are the last thing you should prepare. You need patience as delays are possible. Although the company will provide a time frame for pick-up and delivery, there are always other problems that could arise. It is important to be patient and accept that these things can happen. We recommend that you clarify payment terms before transport. A deposit is required by most companies. It can range from 10% to 25% of the total trip value. In the event of any disputes, ensure that you use a CC for payment. If that is not possible, you can at least provide proof that the payment was made.

If you are going to file a claim, you must act quickly. It is important to act quickly to resolve the problem as delays can cause problems in court. Although proof is essential, it's not enough to wait until the dispute is resolved.