Posted on 01/19/22

Understand Our Terms And Conditions For Auto Transport

Understand Our Terms And Conditions For Auto Transport

If you are like me, terms and conditions are rarely something you read. Although many T&C can be understood, it is important to read auto transport terms. This is because auto transport isn't like Apple and Microsoft. Most terms and conditions are well-known. However, you must be aware of certain things, at least for our terms and conditions.

Each customer who places an order with us must sign our auto transportation terms. They are also encouraged to be read by our customers. But that doesn't mean they will. This is a problem. These terms and conditions define our responsibilities and your responsibilities as well as the responsibilities of the carrier. This document outlines the pickup times for various levels of service, and how damage claims will be handled.

It is important that all customers understand our terms. This is why we will be going through them step-by-step in this blog post. Continue reading, and you'll have a better transportation experience.

Please read the full-auto transport terms & conditions.

Section 1: Authorization

Section 1 of our auto transport terms & conditions gives you authorization to us to collect payment.

It lists the payment methods that we accept, such as credit/debit cards or checks by phone/mail. You also agree that payment will be made in two parts, one to us and one to your driver at delivery.

Payments to the carrier must either be made in cash, certified checks, or money orders according to the terms.

Section 2: No guaranteed pickup or delivery dates

The second part of our auto transport terms focuses on pickup and delivery dates. The article also discusses some of the reasons, including delays.

Move Car is not responsible for delays in pickup or delivery. This includes, but is not limited to, rental car fees or airline tickets.

This means that delays in shipment cannot be controlled. Although the terms and conditions outline some of these, it does not include all possible delays. These are some of the reasons we have seen delays in the past.

  • Failure of mechanical components on the truck
  • Conflicts in carrier schedules
  • Inclement weather
  • Acts of God

This list is not exhaustive. It does give an idea of what could happen on the road. They may not occur, and we cannot guarantee that carriers will arrive on time for delivery or pickup.

However, we do state in our terms clearly that we will provide you with the schedule of the carrier at dispatch.

Please note that Concierge auto transport includes a rental car for free if delivery takes more than 14 days. This is the only exception to our disclaimer of responsibility for delays or transit times.

Section 3: Reimbursement for Rental Cars

We offer rental car reimbursements to anyone shipping with our concierge service for auto transport. Move Car will pay for the rental car if it is late.

This one is fairly self-explanatory. We need the Bill of Lading, signed at pickup, and the Bil lof Lading at delivery to get reimbursement. A copy of the car rental receipt is also required.

You must pay after your vehicle is delivered. Please note that rental car reimbursements can be very rare as the vast majority of vehicles arrive on time, or are delayed only slightly so that a rental car is not necessary.

Section 4: Car Wash Reimbursement

As with Point 3, point 4 of our auto transportation terms and conditions is quite self-explanatory. If you choose to wash your vehicle at delivery, we will reimburse you.

This is only for customers who qualify as concierge auto transport clients. Please note that we will need a receipt to be emailed to our customer support email. This can be found above.

Section 5: Listing Periods

Section 5 explains how your listing period works, and the time you can expect to wait before dispatch depending on what level of service you purchased. You will also find information about the different service levels that you have.


  • Usually dispatched within 1-5 working days
  • 90% of the time it works
  • Not recommended for those in a hurry


  • $100 more than Standard
  • Delivery within 1-3 weeks
  • 90% of the time it works
  • Anyone can use


  • Standard: $200 more
  • Delivery within 1-2 weeks;
  • 90% of the time it works
  • Recommended for those with short pickup times


  • Standard: $500 More
  • Usually dispatched within 1 weekday
  • 90% of the time it works
  • Only available during business hours
  • Guaranteed pickup within 24 hours

Please note that for expedited orders, your vehicle will not be picked up within 24 hours. This is dependent on the level of service you have selected.

Section 5 clearly states that you cannot contract the services of any other shipper during the listing period.

Section 6: There is no double booking

Section 6 outlines the restriction that you cannot book with another company during your listing period. A $200 non-refundable fee will be charged to any customer who does.

We don't usually charge a fee unless absolutely necessary. Customers sometimes make mistakes or try to cancel with another company before booking with our company. However, we reserve the right not to charge this fee if you are booking with another shipper.

You should also note that we may not be able to dispatch your vehicle during the listing period. We will waive this fee.

Section 7: Prices and misrepresentation

Section 7 of the auto transportation terms and conditions describes how you should represent your vehicle. Prices don't change once dispatch is complete. The price of the vehicle must be exactly as it was described at the time you placed the order. A $150 "dry run fee" may be applied if the vehicle isn't as described when you booked it. Dry run fees are charges that carriers charge for not using their time. Getting to the pickup location costs fuel and time. They lose money if they don't have a vehicle.

Although not all carriers charge a dry run fee it is better to be safe than sorry. You should represent your vehicle exactly as it is so that there are no problems at pick up or dispatch.

Section 8: Junk in The Trunk

Section 8 covers most carriers' "junk in your trunk" policy. Carriers will not load vehicles with household items inside them because they do not have the technical license to transport them. They usually won't mind if the household items are in the trunk, though.

However, weight plays an important role in the number of vehicles that a carrier can transport. Carriers should know what household items will add to their shipping weight so they can plan ahead. This means we have to know ahead of time so they can let us know.

It is a form of misrepresentation to not tell us that your vehicle has household items. This can lead to a dry run fee. If you intend to have any items in your vehicle, let us know.

Section 9: Door to door shipping

Section 9 stipulates that all shipments must be delivered door-to-door. It also states that all shipments are door to door unless the carrier is unable to physically reach the pickup or delivery address. Many reasons can explain why an 80-foot transport truck cannot reach certain locations. You will need to meet your driver somewhere close by that is easily accessible if this is the case.

Section 10: Refunds

Section 10 outlines the conditions for our 100 percent money-back guarantee. This section states that we will refund all monies paid to you if your vehicle is not available for dispatch within the specified listing period.

See Section 5 for more information about our listing periods.

Section 11: Cancellations

Section 11 of our auto transportation terms and conditions cover cancellation policies as well as the time limits. If you wish to cancel your order, cancellation must be made 24 hours prior to pickup. Cancellation of dispatched orders is subject to a $200 non-refundable fee.

We mentioned in Section 10 that any order canceled before dispatch is eligible for a refund. Our job is to find you a transport company to ship your vehicle and to assign you to a truck. If you cancel after we have done our job, it means that we did what we were hired to do. Please be aware of this before you cancel.

Section 12: Damage Liability

Section 12 clearly states that we are not responsible if there is damage to the goods or theft during transportation. If damage occurs in transit, we will help you file a claim but are not responsible for any repair costs.

Section 13: We help pay or damage-free

Section 13 covers our "damage-free or we help you pay" guarantee. We stated in Section 12 that we are not responsible for any damage caused by transit. This is true. We understand that you have contracted us to ship your vehicle at an affordable rate and in a reasonable time frame. Also, with the reasonable assumption that it will not be damaged during shipping.

We cannot control the transporters while they are on the road. They also can't control anything that isn't their control. Even though it's rare, damage can occur.

We can help you deal with it if it happens. Only if the carrier's policy doesn't cover any damages, does our damage-free or we help pay guarantee kick in? If the carrier's insurer refuses to accept your claim, you will need to file a claim with the company that insures you.

We will pay $500 of your deductible if claims are accepted. This does not make you liable for damages. Section 12 explains who is responsible. Also, you must provide proof of the claim being made and accept. that the repairs were performed. We also need to know the amount you paid for the deductible.

Section 14: Your Responsibilities Concerning Damage

Section 14 addresses all your responsibilities regarding damage caused by transport. You must inspect the vehicle before it is released or received by a carrier.

The Bill of Lading (or BOL) includes an inspection report. Inspection must be performed regardless of weather conditions or time of day. Why?

Damage must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. It must be clearly marked on the Bill of Lading and signed off by the driver. This applies to all deliveries.

You must pay the driver the balance if the damage is found during delivery. Next, contact the main office of the carrier and their insurance company.

These are the steps you must take if you want to file a claim for damages. If you fail to follow these steps, your claim may not be processed and you will end up paying the full amount.

Section 15: Jurisdiction

Section 15 says that any legal action must only be brought in Clark County, Nevada. This means you waive any rights to jurisdiction in other locations. This also stipulates that our liability is limited to the amount you have paid us.

Move Car - Ship with Confidence

Send us an email or give us a call if you are interested in shipping your vehicle. These are the terms and conditions that you will need to follow. These are the standard terms and conditions, and you'll see them everywhere.

Only top-rated auto shippers are allowed to work with us. We also ensure that each one is licensed and insured. We ensure they are top-rated, and keep a complete do-not use list of carriers with issues.

What does this all mean? Move Car will take care of you from start to finish. Give us a call today or visit our website to learn more about what we can do.