Posted on 02/02/22

Auto Transport From Boston To Sacramento

Auto Transport From Boston To Sacramento

Boston is both the capital and the largest city of Massachusetts. Sacramento, the capital of California, is also the sixth-largest California city. They are both popular areas for car transport in their respective places.

Boston is the most popular location for auto shipping in New England. Sacramento is, however, a far cry from California cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Considering the distance between Sacramento and Boston, it shouldn't be difficult to find auto transport. Continue reading to find out more.

Here are some things you need to know about auto transportation from Boston to Sacramento

To start, both cities sit right along major interstate highways. The majority of carriers will take I-90 from Boston to travel west through New York State, the Great Lakes and New York State. They'll likely catch I-80 in Chicago. I-80 runs directly into Sacramento from Chicago.

It's really easy for most carriers to get out of Boston. While some may choose a more complicated route, this will add time to your shipment. It may cost less. Consider this: If a carrier chooses to travel south from Boston to I-10, then west on I-10 to L.A., before heading north on I-5 it will add days to your shipment. This is unacceptable for most, except if the price is lower.

Most carriers will only take I-90 to I-80, then I-80 to Sacramento. It's important to remember that the fastest route is still 3000 miles (actually, Google Maps). It's seven days, and possibly more, if there are many stops.

There are many stops along the I-90/I-80 route. It can be stopped by carriers in cities like Albany, Rochester and Buffalo, Chicago, Des Moines Omaha, Salt Lake City, Reno. Talk to your carrier to find out the transit time. You can expect to wait anywhere between one and two weeks for delivery.

How can I get a price quote for auto transportation from Boston to Sacramento

Are you interested in auto transport from Boston and Sacramento? Fill out our form to get a free quote. It takes less than 5 minutes and you will receive a quote to ship the vehicle immediately. Only the best carriers are used by us. We are proud to work with the best because they are fully licensed and insured. You can rest assured that you will be taken care of from pick-up to delivery. We recommend that you read our Auto Shipping Cities section to learn more about Boston orSacramento. To speak with one of our agents, call us if you have any questions.