Posted on 10/12/21

How To Ship A Car From New York To Florida

How To Ship A Car From New York To Florida

Many New Yorkers travel south to Florida every winter to escape the cold city and enjoy sunny, warm relaxation. Florida is a great place to retire with popular retirement destinations like Sarasota, Fort Lauderdale, and Naples.

You'll need your vehicle to visit all of Florida's attractions, beaches, and culture. Auto-shipping is an easy way to get a car, truck, or motorcycle, as well as other vehicles, from New York and the east coast states. The Northeast to Florida route is one of the most preferred routes for car shipping.

Why To Ship Your Car From New York To Florida?

Distances between New York and Florida are approximately 1,000-1,700 miles. This is a long distance to travel. Instead of using a shipping company to transport your car, you can fly and complete the journey in just a few hours. Professional auto transport is safer, more convenient, and less expensive than making frequent stops along your road trip.

Shipping Your Car From New York To Florida

How Does Car Shipping From New York To The City Of Florida Work?

It is usually very simple to ship a car. You will first need to get a quote from an auto transportation company. They will then contact you to discuss the details of your shipment. This includes pickup date and location as well as the type and timeframe. You will meet your driver at the New York location and your vehicle will arrive in Florida several days later in the same condition it left.

What Are the Routes That Car Shippers Take in Order to Ship from New York to Florida?

When transporting cars, car haulers usually use the most direct and accessible roads. Interstate 95 is the most direct route from New York to Florida. It is possible for drivers to take different routes depending on where they pick up and drop off. This can affect delivery times. It may take the driver up to an hour to navigate through traffic and get on the highway if the car is picked up in New York City.

How Long Will It Take to Ship the Car from New York to Florida?

Move Car estimates that this route takes five days on average. Unexpected delays can occur due to weather and road conditions, but usually not more than a day or two. This useful guide will help you estimate how long your vehicle may be out of service.

What Would Be the Cost to Ship My Car from New York to Florida?

It is difficult to give a cost estimate as the price depends on who you work with, what vehicle you ship, how open or closed you want your auto transport to be, and the time of the year. Price may be affected by specialized vehicles, such as classic cars.

Auto Transport from Florida to New York

You might consider moving in the opposite direction. You will need to return your vehicle if you are traveling to Florida for only a short time. Although many factors will be the same (vehicle model, distance, and route), it's likely that your car will need to be shipped at a different time of the year. Carrier availability and seasonal demand are both affected by the weather. These same factors will affect the cost of car transportation.

The Best Car Shipping Company to Rely on

Do your research to find the best auto shipping company to ship your vehicle. Reputable car transport companies regularly transport thousands of vehicles each year. They should have many positive reviews from customers on their websites. To get an idea of their expertise and customer service, check for the proper licenses.

On your way to Florida, you might need to face some dangerous routes as well. Whereas, the drivers that you hire from a reputable company are extremely trained and experienced that they drive defensively avoiding accidents. Alongside, your car will also be safe from any possible wear and tear while being on a carrier. Different moving companies would require different documents to ship your car to some other state. If you choose Move Car, you can check our help center in order to collect all the required information. The required documents include insurance proof, car’s title, and registration as well as driver’s license.

Role of Auto Transport Brokers in Shipping a Car from New York to Florida

Move Car Auto Transport transports hundreds of thousands of vehicles each year across the United States. The most popular route is between New York City and Florida. We have an extensive network of vehicle transporters and knowledgeable customer service representatives that will assist you every step of your journey. Call us

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