Posted on 10/12/21

How To Ship A Car From New York To Florida

How To Ship A Car From New York To Florida

This blog will cover all the necessary details for you regarding shipping a car from New York to Florida. You might have heard that almost every winter, in order to trade in the cold city of Florida for warm and sunny relaxation many New Yorkers head south to the city of Florida. There are several popular retirement destinations including Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Naples, Miami, Sarasota, and The Villages. Thereby, Florida is also called to be an ideal locale for retirees with the previously mentioned retirement destinations. 

Furthermore, you’d agree that once spending your extended time in the city of Florida, it would be your desire or you would want your vehicle to explore all the attractions, beaches as well as culture that the state has to offer the visitors. Won’t you? Therefore, in order to get your car from New York or maybe some other east-coast states including Connecticut, New Jersey, and Massachusetts to Florida, a perfect yet simple solution for you can be auto shipping. In addition to this, not to forget that one of the most popular car shipping routes for you is Northeast to Florida. You can note it down!

Why To Ship Your Car From New York To Florida?

You must know that the distance ranges from 1000 to around 1700 miles from New York to Florida, which of course is a pretty long trip for you to make yourself. It can clearly state to you the importance as well as the need to ship your car, and not doing it yourself. Alongside, there is a plus point in doing so as you can simply hop on a plane and can make your trip in just a couple of hours. On the other hand, if you rather choose to do it yourself, it can then make the trip in a couple of days. We know that you’d want the stress to get reduced. Furthermore, if you choose to do it yourself, it might also result in overnight and frequent stops on the road trip. Whereas, if you pick a professional auto transport, that would be a lot safer, convenient, and put less wear on your car too. The choice is yours now!

Shipping Your Car From New York To Florida

How Does Car Shipping From New York To The City Of Florida Work?

There is no need to get stressed out because car shipping is a simple process. The procedure includes:

  • Firstly, get a quote from an auto transport company. The chosen company would then reach you out to arrange the required details of the shipment including location and pickup date, your timeframe as well as the type of transport that you require.

  • Proceeding further on the agreed shipping date, you will then meet your driver in New York at the designated location. Then, after several days in the same condition, your car will arrive in Florida.

We hope it would have made a clear picture in your mind!

What Are the Routes That Car Shippers Take in Order to Ship from New York to Florida?

It can be the genuine question that your mind may come across. As you might guess, the car shippers or car haulers take the most accessible and fastest highways when they are transporting your cars. It is important for you to note it down that the most direct route from New York to Florida is via Interstate 95. Furthermore, depending on your pickup and drop-off locations specifically will the drivers take the roadways. It also makes sense that it would impact the delivery time. You can get this like if the driver picks up your car in New York, then depending on the time of day, it can take the driver maybe an hour or more to weave through the busy streets and get onto the desired highway.

How Long Will It Take to Ship the Car from New York to Florida?

Move Car will let you know the average days it may take for any car shipping route. For car shipping from New York to Florida, the average can be five days or less. However, you must keep in mind that the road and weather conditions can create unforeseen delays in shipment, but it will not be more than an extra day or maybe two.

What Would Be the Cost to Ship My Car from New York to Florida?

It is contingent on that company that you choose to work with as well as the type of car that you want to ship. Thereby, it is rather difficult to provide a definite cost. Furthermore, it also depends on the type of transport that you decide to choose which can be open or enclosed auto transport as well as the time of year. In addition to this, if you possess some specialized car including a classic car then it may also impact the overall cost. Keep in mind that every transport company will provide you with its own estimate which would be different from some other transport company. However, you will probably find that there is not a great difference between them. You can even search all such factors and have a look at them beforehand.

Auto Transport from Florida to New York

A question may arise that what if you choose to move in the other direction? Thereby, if for some limited period of time you are traveling to the city of Florida. In such a case, you would then need to get your car back when you return. Alongside, many factors will still remain the same including distance, vehicle type and route, you would then likely need your car to be shipped during some different time of the year. As you would know that the seasonal demand varies and thereby, the carrier availability also varies. Hence, the same factors that we just mentioned above will then determine the price of your car transport.

The Best Car Shipping Company to Rely on

In order to have the best car shipping company or auto transport company to ship your car, you need to do some research. There are several reputable car shipping companies that transport around thousands of vehicles every year as well as should feature a number of customer reviews on their respective websites. Therefore, in order to have an idea of how experienced and useful they are, you can check for their certifications and proper licenses. Nevertheless, you can also contact customer service. You can easily focus on settling in your neighborhood and having your car delivered safely from one state to another. On the other hand, it is not that simple to get your car from point A to point B, it is the first step. Thereby, in order to relocate, you would need to follow a few steps and have your car first registered and insured in your new destination. On your way to Florida, you might need to face some dangerous routes as well. Whereas, the drivers that you hire from a reputable company are extremely trained and experienced that they drive defensively avoiding accidents. Alongside, your car will also be safe from any possible wear and tear while being on a carrier. Different moving companies would require different documents to ship your car to some other state. If you choose Move Car, you can check our help center in order to collect all the required information. The required documents include insurance proof, car’s title and registration as well as driver’s license.

Role of Auto Transport Brokers in Shipping a Car from New York to Florida

Move Car Auto Transport ships around hundreds of thousands of cars every year across the United States. Additionally, the route taken between New York and Florida is one of the most popular ones. Furthermore, you just do not need to fret over anything because we have a huge network of transporters as well as highly experienced customer service representatives that will help you out every step of the way. We are just a call away! 

Are you struggling with finding the best price for auto transport? Move Car is here with a solution for you. There is no need to struggle and spend hours researching online to compare the carrier pricings. All you have to do is simply to use the services of an auto transport broker. It is pretty easy because to help you find the most affordable options among all the options for the transportation of your vehicle, there are auto transport brokers. They have partnerships with thousands of specialized industry expertise and carriers to help you do so. They can easily reduce your burden. It is always a good idea to transport your car as part of your move rather than driving it across the country yourself because transporting it would be much safer and less expensive for you. Else, you would be stressed out for a road tip on top of your move if you do it yourself.