Posted on 06/13/22

Auto Transport Company Did Not Have Insurance

Auto Transport Company Did Not Have Insurance

There are horror stories of companies claiming to be legitimate auto transport carriers, but not being certified. These companies may not be carrying the right insurance or they might not have insurance. This can cause complete shock to the customer and force them to pay for any damage to their vehicle. An auto transport company without insurance is unlikely to be able to perform the job they have been hired for. These carriers have a bad reputation and can cause serious damage to your car.

Check your contract:

If you are working with an auto transport company that did not have insurance, the first thing you should do is review your contract. Make sure to check for any provisions regarding insurance coverage, as well as any clauses that outline the company's responsibilities in the event of damage or loss.

Contact the company:

If you discover that the auto transport company did not have insurance, you should contact the company to discuss the situation. Explain that you were unaware of the lack of insurance and ask how the company intends to address any potential damages or losses.

Consider your options:

Depending on the specifics of your situation, you may have a few different options for resolving the issue. This could include negotiating with the company to cover any damages or losses, seeking legal action, or looking for alternative transportation options.

Protect yourself in the future:

To avoid similar issues in the future, make sure to thoroughly research any auto transport companies you work with and verify that they have adequate insurance coverage. It is also a good idea to purchase additional insurance to protect yourself and your vehicle during the shipping process.

If you find yourself in a situation where an auto transport company did not have insurance, it is important to stay calm and consider your options carefully. By following these steps, you can help to protect yourself and your vehicle and find a resolution to the issue.

All certified automobile transport brokers must have liability insurance. However, not all policies offered by auto transporters will cover the needs of customers. We recommend that customers always verify the details of their coverage before shipping their vehicle. Each auto carrier has a different insurance policy, so make sure you do your research. Ask for a copy or a copy of the insurance certificate. This will ensure that your vehicle is covered when you ship it. Ask if cargo insurance is available when you inquire about insurance. After the customer has paid the insurance deductible, this will cover any vehicle damaged in transit. Policies can differ between companies, as with many things.

If you are concerned that your minimum insurance coverage does not adequately cover the vehicle's full value, it may be worth looking into additional insurance. You may need to consider obtaining additional insurance that covers your entire vehicle, especially if you're transporting an antique car or exotic car. You can choose an enclosed carrier for classic vehicle shipping. This is what most people who own classic cars prefer. While some people don't mind the open carrier, it is better to use an enclosed carrier for valuable and expensive vehicles. It is less likely that your vehicle will be damaged by the enclosed carrier.
You might be looking to save money, and not willing to pay for the insurance offered. Even though the auto transporters are experts in car shipping USA there is always the possibility of something happening to your vehicle. You should have insurance that covers your vehicle, regardless of whether it was in an accident or damaged by weather.