Posted on 04/08/22

Auto Transport Companies Near Me

Auto Transport Companies Near Me

It is about understanding your options and deciding what your needs are. Begin with the closest auto transport carrier to you and then expand your search to meet your needs.

Move Car offers a wide range of services, including domestic and international transportation. To find the best auto transport companies near you, use our Directory.

Learn why car shipping businesses are important and how to choose the best auto carrier business.

6 Myths about Car Shipping

Many people are skeptical about car shipping. Some people feel that it is unnecessary and can be done themselves. Others are turned off by the many myths and misconceptions.

Let's end these myths and make auto transport services more accessible and easy to understand.

DIY auto transport is much easier

It is impossible to be more truthful. Consider how you feel about driving an extra hour sometimes. Now, think about what it would be like to travel across the country or to another state.

It can be exhausting and you don’t want to feel exhausted while driving 100 miles. There will be stops along the way, such as when you need to go to the toilet, eat, or rest. You won't be able to enjoy the third hour listening to music and not seeing anything stimulating.

These drivers are well-trained and have a lot of experience, making long-distance travel easier. They are also skilled at maximizing efficiency and will get you the transport you need faster than anyone else.

It will cost you a lot

Although we won't hold your hand on this, auto transport can cost a few hundred dollars. It's not because it's easy, but there are many things that go into making it possible. It's not as costly as the risk involved in doing it yourself.

Auto transport fees do not just cover the work of the driver. They also cover fuel costs, maintenance, mileage, and any other special services that you may need for your vehicle.

You want to make sure you are working with a reliable and affordable company so that you get the best value for your money. To find the best rates for auto transport companies near you, use online quote tools.

Inoperable vehicles can't be shipped

You can ship an inoperable vehicle, such as a project or classic car, with an auto carrier. These cars don't need to be towed and can be lifted onto the vehicle for transport.

These needs can be met by many companies, so you don't need to abandon your car just because it won't start.

Distance determines cost

This is true to a certain extent, however, distance is not the main factor that affects the price. Other factors play an important part, such as the time of year, vehicle type, transport method, and when you need it to arrive.

You may also notice a difference in costs if you travel less frequently or to remote areas.

Talk to your chosen auto transport company representative to find out how auto transport fees are calculated and how you can reduce costs.

Many companies offer discounts to travelers across the country, particularly for students and military personnel. Learn more about the special discounts available with Move Car.

It can be a hassle

If you choose a poor car transport company, it will only be a hassle. There are reputable and competent carriers in the auto transport industry. It is not always easy to get things done.

You'll be able to avoid these problems if you work with companies that have excellent service records and who have a lot of experience in the industry. Move Car's staff is well-trained to handle a variety of customer issues and offer advice on the best solutions. To ensure a stress-free experience, we follow up with customers and keep in touch to offer reassurance about progress.

You can ship items with your car

Although it sounds great to be able to ship your car along with household goods to your new residence or business, that is a completely different service. The vehicle transport carrier is responsible for transporting vehicles. However, the carriers can only carry a limited amount of weight. Shipping larger, more expensive vehicles is not an option.

Imagine if every passenger on the carrier decided to stuff their trunks with stuff. This could mean that the carrier has to transport fewer vehicles or use more fuel. This is because auto transport companies don't allow it. They require that your vehicle be fully empty before shipping.

Find out if your vehicle transport company offers moving services.

You may be permitted to ship your car with personal items in certain circumstances, such as when you are shipping a car to another country. This is only possible when you ship your car in a shipping container. You will also have to pay more if you are shipping your car open-air.

Auto Transport Brokers vs Auto Transport Carrier

There are two types of companies that work in the auto transport industry.

The Auto Transport Brokers is the first. These companies act as intermediaries between the truck driver companies and the customers. These companies help to find the right match between the two parties and assist with the initial stages of transport. This includes finding the best rates and the most suitable companies to meet your special transport requirements.

The Auto Transport Carriers are the second. They are the ones who own and manage the trucks. The law also requires auto transport carriers to hold specific licenses for operation and transport.

Are Auto Transport Brokers required?

Customers may want to cut out the middleman (i.e. the auto transport broker) and work directly with carriers in order to avoid paying broker fees. While this is possible in some cases, it is not always feasible. Brokers are still required in many cases. This is because many carriers only have a small fleet of trucks that can handle specific requests. The broker can match customers with the best carrier in their network and handle large volumes of requests. Customers can use them to compare prices and determine the quality of service.

There are companies that can act as both carriers and brokers. These companies will often outsource work to other carriers once they reach capacity.

Auto Transport Carriers with Move Car

Move Car is a website that refers to auto transport companies. We have a large network of carriers who can help you find the best car shipping service for your valued customers.

It takes some research to find the best auto transport company for your vehicle. While we only recommend the best companies, not all companies are the right fit.

Here are some things to consider when selecting an auto transport company:

Services offered

Many auto carriers offer basic open-air shipping from and to their terminals. It depends on the company's size and the type of trucks that are available.

Auto-shipping enclosed is not always guaranteed. So make sure you inquire about this service. This is especially true in remote areas.

You may need special services, such as expedited shipping. Make sure you ask the carrier before you make any arrangements. Ask about special services for classic, luxury, and sports cars and whether the company can transport inoperable items.

Terminal locations

Move Car can facilitate transportation services from any part of the United States, but that does not mean all carriers within our network have terminals throughout the country. Many carriers are restricted to a certain area and will need special permits to operate in every state.

It may not be the best choice to use a carrier that's only available in one area of the country. You will need to travel far to get your vehicle. It will cost you more, so consider the location.

Customer reviews and experience

While experience is a good indicator of a company's ability to deliver, it's not the only way you can compare and choose the best auto carrier. To learn more about the service's quality, you should also look at authentic customer reviews.


U.S. law requires that every auto carrier has some coverage. Ask about coverage and what steps you should take to get more for your vehicle.

For your protection, your carrier must also be licensed and bonded.

Payment Methods

Although most carriers accept cash or credit cards for auto transportation fees, it is worth exploring the flexibility of these methods. You might find it easier to use P2P apps such as Paypal or CashApp than writing checks or bringing cash to the depot.


You should pay close attention to the cancellation policy of your carrier. You should be prepared for anything that might happen between now and the pickup date.

Auto-shipping quotes

Comparing auto shipping quotes is the best thing you could do. You can do this on most carrier websites without any obligation. This will allow you to determine your budget and find the best rates.

Move Car offers a free online quote tool that will help you estimate the cost of transporting a car or another motor vehicle.

How auto shipping works

Shipping an auto is complicated and involves many moving parts. It involves more than just hooking up your car to a truck to ship it to where it is needed. It would be so simple that anyone could do it. You could even do it yourself!

Many people work behind the scenes to help auto transport companies find the best way of shipping a car. They plan the best routes ahead of time, taking into consideration traffic and weather conditions. They arrange to lodge, make fuel stops and prepare for rest stops.

Auto-shipping companies conduct regular maintenance on vehicles to ensure they are able to withstand long distances. They also facilitate vehicles and work with skilled truck drivers to complete the job.

They'll be able to get on the road quickly and safely, with minimal delay.

International car shipping companies have more to do and must overcome more obstacles to transport cars. The people with the experience can simplify this complex and intricate process.

Preparing for auto transportation

Customers don't really have to do much during auto shipping. The only thing left is to prepare the vehicle for auto transport.

It takes no more than one hour to prepare a car for auto transportation. It is best to do it before the pickup day so that there are no delays for the truck driver.

This is your checklist to prepare your vehicle for the road:

  • Collect all documents necessary for the agent
  • All personal possessions must be removed
  • For inspection, wash and clean your vehicle
  • Make sure all fluids are at their optimal levels and don't leave more than 1/4 tank gas.
  • Disable the alarm and navigation systems, as well as any other disruptive elements that could occur during transport.
  • To avoid paying charges for transport, deactivate or remove the toll tag
  • Make sure you have your keys on hand for the truck driver

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