Posted on 01/21/22

How To Avoid Problems With Your Auto Transport Carrier

How To Avoid Problems With Your Auto Transport Carrier

It's crucial that you know how the car is being shipped and how it gets there. You need to understand who you are dealing with, their responsibilities, and how your shipment fits into them.

This is why we talk a lot here about it. You'll have a better experience if you know what to expect from beginning to end.

Understanding is essential because it helps to solve problems before they become problems. Problems are often avoided before they become serious problems. Here are some tips to help you avoid problems with your auto transport carrier.

Coordinate your auto transport carrier

The most important thing is working with your auto transport carrier. Because they do this for a living and know all the tricks and tips to ensure your vehicle arrives in perfect condition, What does it mean to coordinate?

First, dispatching your vehicle means it has been assigned to a carrier. We will give you an estimated pickup and delivery date, along with the name of your driver and their phone number. This will allow you to plan around these dates and allow you to reach your driver.

It is essential to keep in touch with your driver. They will need to keep you informed about what's happening, where they are, as well as other important information, while they travel hundreds of miles to transport your vehicle. The entire process is made easier and faster by being in touch with your driver and working together.

Everyone has their own schedule and they must follow it. That is something we understand. We also understand that carriers have busy schedules. They often have to pick up and deliver. They must be there in order to make money and keep their truck on the road. You save time and money by coordinating with your vehicle transport carrier. This will make everyone happier.

Clean your car and get it ready for

Many people forget to clean the vehicle before shipping it. This does not mean the exterior. In fact, a little dirt can protect your vehicle from scratches while in transit.

We're not talking about the interior of the cabin. You must remove all personal items from this area, such as cup ashtrays and spare change.

This is due to the fact that automobile transport drivers are not licensed to carry household goods. Any household item that isn't part of the vehicle is considered to be an item. The vast majority of carriers don't mind if your vehicle looks a little messy inside.

This is when you stuff your vehicle with personal items such as clothes, boxes, and other small objects. This is a huge problem! Many people think that a car is too heavy and large to need a few boxes or books.

It's an issue, except it.

Auto shippers must adhere to weight limits. Between the truck's weight and other vehicles, the trucks and their vehicles weigh close to the maximum weight limit, before adding in any items. They must avoid overweight weigh stations. This takes more time and fuel.

You must notify your representative in advance if you have to transport items. This will avoid any weight issues and ensure that your shipment runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Be available

The most important thing that you can do is to make your own. This is an important part of shipping that will save you time, money, and headaches in the long term.

We know that busy people have hectic schedules. There are many things people must do every day, such as work, family, chores, and errands. Even during a global pandemic, this is true. It's no surprise that scheduling conflicts can occur even during a global pandemic.

Scheduling conflicts can be a problem for both your carrier and your transport specialist at Move Car. Once your vehicle has been assigned to a carrier, and a pickup time is set, it is important that you are available to answer the phone. To coordinate your pick-up time and date, your driver will text or call you. You will need to coordinate if your pickup location is not possible for their truck.

Auto transport is different from ordering pizza. You can't place an order and expect it to be fulfilled automatically. When it comes to pickup or delivery, you must be able and willing to work with your carrier.

Ask questions, get answers

Ask them questions about your shipment! We know that not everyone is familiar with the car shipping industry. That's okay! It's okay to not know everything. It's our job to understand the auto shipping industry and to help you ship a vehicle with no problems.

We often try to help customers, only to have them become our worst enemies when it is time to transport their vehicle. It's not usually out of malice but a simple misunderstanding. They don't understand how things work but act as if they knew and get angry at us when they tell them otherwise.

This is not the way things work in real life. You can save time and headaches by asking only the questions you want to ask. You can't make it? Ask if there is anything else you can do. Do you want to know the time it will take? Ask!

We'll help you answer any question, no matter how silly or complex. Ask away!

Learn about payment terms and how to pay

This is something many people don't get. It's also how payment works. We've already covered how you pay for your auto shipping services, but this is a refresher.

We charge a small upfront payment to book your shipment. This is a percentage of your total costs. The down payment is usually around 20% but can fluctuate depending on the market. For an order of $1,000 in total, you will pay $200 as a down payment at the time you book your shipment. We accept other forms of payment, but credit cards are the most common method of payment.

The balance, which is, in this case, the remaining $1,000 not paid yet, goes to your carrier. The payment is usually made at delivery. However, exceptions are possible. It is almost always payable in cash or money order. Many carriers accept digital payments, such as Zelle and Cash App. Because they don't know when they will be able to deposit checks, they need cash on hand to deliver the vehicles.

Let's recap. Book your shipment with us for $1,000 total. We charge $200 upfront, plus $800 for delivery to the carrier.

These numbers can change if you order an actual shipment from us. The payment terms will be almost always the same. There are some exceptions to this rule, like full payment upfront and pickup payment instead of delivery. Talk to an agent for more information.

Order today with Move Car!

We know the industry and how to make it a success. The same applies to you. Ask questions and accept responsibility for how you understand the process.

Start by getting a quote online for free. Fill out our online loan request form to instantly see your price! Toll-free numbers are available to reach us anytime. Agents can answer your questions, offer advice, book a shipment and assist you in getting started on your auto transport journey.