Posted on 04/05/22

Auto Transport Companies

Auto Transport Companies

You aren't the only one who is unfamiliar with the auto transport industry. There are many people who have done it before and can tell you that it is possible!

When we meet new customers, one of the most common confessions is that they have never shipped cars before, but have read horror stories online. The truth is that every week thousands of cars are shipped from different auto transport companies. Unfortunately, the success stories don't get shared.

This is what one of our customers had to say about the experience.

 Move Car was our broker (who organizes the shipment initially) and C&D Auto Transport (truck who drove the car across the country).

We don't all have much money these days so $795 to ship our car was a risk. But it's a good gamble. Move Car was the lowest quote out of all the quotes I received. Before choosing Move Car, I had read many reviews about carriers and auto transport brokers. was a website I was hopeful of finding. However, it was confusing and the prices were higher than I expected. U-Ship was also criticized by other reviewers. The website charged too much to brokers/carriers, making customer's final cost high. U-Ship is not recommended. Instead, I recommend Move Car.

Move Car was my choice because Jason's emails were clear and very helpful. One of his emails contained links to short, informative youtube clips on shipping a car from Move car. They were all very short and I was able to answer most of my questions by watching them.

Jason was extremely helpful when I called his direct line. The car was to be picked up on May 25th. It wasn't my intention to have it delivered to our destination before we arrived on June 4, which was about ten days later. Jason and the dispatcher assured me that it wouldn't be a problem.

C&D picked up our car and I heard the driver say that they would be there on Wednesday, May 30, 2013. It would take only five days to get from CA to FL. It seems that they ship cars quickly as long as the car is picked-up.

We flew in late at night to FL on June 4th and rented a car for a day. We were not able to park in a lot and wait for delivery because of the narrow roads in our neighborhood. C&D met us outside their yard in Miami the next day. Our car had probably been stored there for a few days. We gave the cashier's check of $600 to C&D (the $200 balance was paid via Move car credit card at the time of booking). The car and key were ours. The car started up perfectly and is now driving flawlessly.

These are some tips:
- Watch all videos Move Car sends to you
Jason, or anyone else who sends you a secure link in an email quote, please fill it out immediately to set up a connection with a carrier.
If your streets are narrow, you might consider a large parking lot for the pickup. The driver thought it was a large parking lot so we chose that. However, the turn into the lot proved difficult. The carrier stopped at Ocean Boulevard (a two-lane road that is not too busy) and loaded the car there. They were done loading in ten minutes.
We had an air mattress and a small container in our trunk. The driver did not open the trunk when we picked it up, and it was still there when we received it.
When you pick up your car, make sure that there is only a small amount of gas left in the tank. Carriers will appreciate a lighter car.
However, you should make sure to map out the nearest gas station so that you can fill it up before delivery.
-Keep in touch with your carrier company. You should have multiple phone numbers. Yoe was our dispatcher for C&D, a carrier company. We communicated and texted with her. We could always reach her via her cell phone. We had updated her several days prior, the day before, and the date of our arrival.
Unfortunately, your car cannot be picked up or delivered at the airport. If you're flying, consider renting a car, or other transportation options.
C&D was the carrier that I was most concerned about, as they had some negative reviews online. But, it all turned out well. Don't worry.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend Move Car and C&D Auto Transportation. Both companies delivered on their promises, and we paid the price they quoted. All the best!

Pamela, thank you for your kind words! This should calm any first-time worries. If you have any questions, Pamela stated, " ...just pick up your phone and call us"