Posted on 11/09/21

Auto Transport Brokers Good Guys Or Bad Guys

Auto Transport Brokers Good Guys Or Bad Guys

It may seem daunting to ship a vehicle across the country. You begin your research and quickly discover many shipping options. You will receive a lot of calls and emails when you make phone calls to auto transport companies or submit online quotes requests.


Brokers will provide the majority of responses. Brokers will most likely respond to your inquiry by organizing transport for you. They negotiate to price with auto carriers and schedule pickup and delivery times. Although the broker profession is well-known and used for centuries, there are often negative associations. Although brokers can be quick-talking and claim they are the best person to help, there are real industry experts who can give you some peace of mind when you are in unfamiliar waters.

What do people like to do?

Many people believe that it is better to find auto carriers themselves and avoid the middle man. It is often difficult to contact reputable auto carriers directly. Many truckers and car haulers don't have websites or openly advertise their services. Most of these businesses are small and rely on brokers to find work. In this case, a "middleman" can be a valuable resource in helping to find the right connections. How do you ensure you are getting a fair price even if you find a direct carrier?

What is it to be the "Middle Man?"

Let's take a look at what it takes to be the "middleman" in the auto transportation industry. Brokers search for carriers, verify FMSCA compliance, verify insurance coverage, as well as negotiate with truckers. These are all difficult challenges that most people don't know or care about. And, it is very likely that we won't have to do them again.

A broker can also provide access to multiple carriers at once, which is a huge benefit. Brokers can offer a variety of options to your route, as there is no one carrier that covers all routes in the United States.

Are you still unsure whether to use a broker or to search for a carrier yourself? Lucky for you, there's no need to pick one or the other.

Move Car is both a broker as well as a carrier. We offer our customers the best both of both worlds. We are a logistics company. Our car haulers can travel to your destination if they are not available. We have established solid relationships with over 7,000 carriers in the country, so we can provide you with an efficient transport solution regardless of your origin or destination.

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