Posted on 02/03/22

How Technology Is Changing The Auto Shipping Industry

How Technology Is Changing The Auto Shipping Industry

For about a decade, I have been involved in the auto transportation industry. I have worked in brokerages, and I have spoken to and interviewed many carriers. I have seen how shipping a car works from the inside, out, and through the trap doors. What I have seen firsthand, and what technology is doing to the auto shipping industry is something I am not able to talk about.

What technology is shaping the auto shipping sector?

As a society, we have witnessed the incredible rise in technology over the past 30 years. Technology has shaped our lives for many years, from the humble beginnings of personal computing to today's humble origins on the internet and the not-so-humble rise of computers in our pockets. Technology has been shaping our lives since the dawning of time. Technology has made us more connected than ever.

Integrated logistics systems. Cloud-based fleet management software. Autonomous cars. Trucks which drive themselves. More efficient engines and aerodynamic trailers. These are just some of the technologies driving innovation in the auto transportation industry. More are expected to follow. is on the horizon. It's only a matter of time and we already see how technology is shaping auto shipping.

How technology is changing the auto shipping industry

Today's trucks have a better fuel economy than ever before. Because of better engines and better route management, shipping tends to be quicker. Cross-country shipping can take up to a week, depending on the route. Carriers are able to stay in closer contact with customers, which allows for more manageable pickups and deliveries. Anywhere in the world, brokers can reach carriers at any hour. Brokers and carriers can track their orders and cars with tracking systems.

This has resulted in a safer, more secure, and reliable auto transport industry. These technological advances have resulted in lower auto shipping costs. It is absurd to claim that technology has not had an impact on how we transport cars. It's even worse if they claim that there will be no change in the industry. It will change, it is evolving, and it will continue changing. Technology is only as good and useful as the way we use it. Auto transporters, brokers, and customers need to stay on top of technology and make it work for their business.

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