Posted on 06/02/22

All You Need To Know About Auto Transport Carriers Enclosed Vs Open

All You Need To Know About Auto Transport Carriers Enclosed Vs Open

It is becoming more popular to ship a car, truck, or SUV, as it helps you overcome logistical hurdles such as relocation, online auto purchase, or college move. You'll quickly begin to think about your auto transport requirements as you research them. Three types of auto carriers are used to transport cars within the country or across town.

Types and Prices of Auto Transport Carriers

  1. Open Auto Transport The most common type of carrier is the open auto transport. This option is the most economical and best suited for a standard-sized vehicle. This is the most common type of auto transport used in car dealerships. You will likely see them on highways and byways you travel on often. Open carriers are usually two-level trucks with cars loaded on both the top and bottom.
  2. Enclosed Automobile Transport - A enclosed automobile transport is, just like its name, an enclosed carrier. This type of carrier is frequently chosen for extra protection. The enclosed auto transport is the best option if your vehicle is in a delicate condition, has a painted job that needs protection from the elements, or is a vintage or luxury model.
  3. Flatbed Truck Transportation - A flatbed truck is a good option for short distances or larger equipment.

The pros and cons of different auto shipping options

The pros and cons of using an Open Auto Transport Carrier - The best thing about the open carrier is their affordable price. This is the most popular type of auto transport carrier, and it costs the least to ship your car to its destination. These open carriers have no sides or roofs, which means that your vehicle is exposed to all elements. An open carrier is a risky option in areas where extreme heat and extreme winter conditions are common.

The pros and cons of using an enclosed car transporter - An enclosed transport carrier is a great choice for vintage cars, luxury cars, or sports cars that require extra protection. An enclosed auto carrier offers protection from the elements, temperature control, and an additional layer of security. An enclosed carrier can cause less visibility. It is possible for your vehicle to shift during shipping, but it might not be noticed until the damage has been done. The additional cost of enclosed auto transport carriers is another important disadvantage.

The pros and cons of using a flatbed car to transport your vehicle - Flatbed trucks are not as common and are reserved for larger equipment. This type of vehicle can be used for larger cargo needs. However, it has fewer options and can increase the cost of shipping.

Move Car Auto Transport provides all kinds of car transport options to customers in order to meet their car shipping requirements. Our team of car shipping experts is highly trained and will work closely with customers to find the best, most cost-effective, and safest option for them based on their unique vehicle.

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