Posted on 06/03/22

All You Need to Know About Auto Shipping Rates

All You Need to Know About Auto Shipping Rates

A quality auto transport company can ship a car, truck, or motorcycle to you for safety and convenience. This option is becoming more popular to solve the logistical problems that can arise from:

  1. Moving for a job
  2. Moving to another city
  3. Going off-campus to college
  4. Online car buying

Remember Auto shipping rates are more than just price when you're looking for them.

These are the 4 Tips That Will Make You An Expert in Auto Shipping Rates

Make sure you read the fine print before finalizing your auto shipping rates. There are many other unscrupulous auto shippers who will try to lure you with low prices, which may not include insurance or the full price. After doing your research, the last thing you want is a surprise bill at the end or no coverage in case of an accident.

Not always the best price! It's important that you choose the lowest auto shipping rate from a company that offers quality service. This will ensure that your expensive asset is safe and sound while you're away. You should look for indicators of a high-quality auto transport company like years in business, accreditations, and vetted carriers. Positive online reviews and easy customer service.

Do your part to get the best price! The online auto shipping rates are only as accurate as the information that you give to the auto transport company. You can make your estimate inaccurate if you leave out important details. The accuracy of your auto shipping cost will depend on many factors, including:

  1. Type of vehicle being shipped - Large trucks, inoperable vehicles, and high-value sports cars all can increase the cost of auto shipping. These details can lead to a lower price if you do not disclose them when you request a quote for your car transport.
  2. Door-to-door service - Your car, truck, or SUV will typically be dropped off at a shipping facility and collected at a location near its final destination. The auto shipping cost may be affected by door-to-door services.
  3. Type of auto transport carrier: The open carrier is the most common, affordable, and commonly used type of carrier. You can choose an enclosed carrier for temperature control and protection from the elements or a flatbed truck for larger vehicles. Both of these options will impact your auto shipping costs.

Save money by checking your calendar! The demand factor for car shipping varies depending on where you live. In Florida, for example, the peak season is when the " Snowbirds", a large number of them, make a mass exit from the cold winter. This drives up the auto shipping costs for the most popular Snowbird trails. You may be able to save money on auto transport if you can be flexible with your dates and understand the seasonality effects on your car shipping routes.

No matter if you're moving to another city or adding shipping costs to your online purchase of a car, budgets can be tight. If you adhere to these guidelines, tight budgets will not lead to poor car shipping choices.

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Get started with your auto shipping rate research today. You'll be happy you did!