Posted on 04/25/22

A Guide To Online Car Shopping Trough AutoTempest The Search Engine

A Guide To Online Car Shopping Trough AutoTempest The Search Engine

What is AutoTempest?

AutoTempest is a search engine that aggregates millions of new and used car listings from private sellers and dealers across the U.S. It allows users to search for all the options by aggregating listings from many sellers. AutoTempest lets users search for new and used cars. They can also filter by specific attributes such as interior color or fuel type, and adjust their search to be local or nationwide. AutoTempest was launched in 2007 and has since been a popular choice for people looking to buy used cars online. AutoTempest allows users to sell their cars online and also helps them find new and used vehicles.

AutoTempest checks what sites?

AutoTempest's biggest strength is its ability to access and consolidate information from many different car-selling websites and dealerships, as well as individual sellers. They have listings from the largest names in the automotive industry as well as niche sites that target specific markets. AutoTempest can help you find the perfect vehicle for you, whether you are looking for a reliable commuter car or a rare classic automobile.

AutoTempest has officially joined these websites to offer comprehensive vehicle listings.

  • AutoWeb
  • Cars&Bids
  • CarsDirect
  • CarSoup
  • Carvana
  • Detroit Trading
  • eBay Motors
  • Hemmings
  • Lotlinx
  • SearchTempest
  • TrueCar
  • VAST will provide complete details for most of the official AutoTempest partners. These details include information such as price, mileage, and detailed photos. AutoTrader's comprehensive results make it easy to quickly scan the most important information about the vehicle. AutoTempest includes results from third-party sites, such as Craigslist or AutoTrader, but not only does it include results from partners. These results do not display vehicle information and users will need to go to the full vehicle listing page. Users can click on these vehicles to be redirected from AutoTempest directly to the listing page of the third-party website. Although most vehicle information will be included in car listings, it is still a good idea to consult Kelley Blue Book to ensure you have the complete story.

AutoTempest: How do you use it?

What is AutoTempest? AutoTempest's search engine allows car shoppers to find millions of used and new cars. It also offers advanced filtering options that help narrow down the choices. Although it looks similar to other search engines, your initial search is just the beginning. AutoTempest's powerful filtering tools allow you to sort through the results until you find the vehicles that best suit your requirements and specifications.

Use your criteria to search for cars

AutoTempest allows you to choose between "used cars" and "new cars", and then you can enter the make and model you want. To determine the distance the car search will take from your location, you'll need to enter your zip code. This is useful for finding cars near your home or tracking down a seller in the far reaches of the country. Remember that if you are unable to find a vehicle from a distant seller, an auto transport service like Move Car will safely deliver it to your location.

Once you have entered your search criteria, the results will start to load. You can further filter your results by adding more details such as price, mileage, and keywords like "apple autoplay" or "sunroof." AutoTempest's filtering technology allows you to find the best prices on cars without needing to scroll through irrelevant results.

Each listing in your results will give you a complete snapshot of the vehicle including its price, mileage, and where it is being sold. Clicking on a result will take you to the seller's site where you can get more information and complete your purchase.

AutoTempest App

You can download the AutoTempest web application for Android and iOS devices free of charge. allows users to add the app as a widget to their home screen. The web app works exactly like the desktop website, with full search results and filtering options., a search aggregator, is designed to help you find new and used cars. It also offers additional features such as the AutoTempest blog and news articles, a shipping calculator, and insurance cost comparisons. is a comprehensive hub for selling, buying, and keeping up to date on the latest changes in the automotive industry.

AutoTempest pros and cons


  • AutoTempest is an efficient search aggregator that compiles millions of results in one location.
  • It is easy to navigate the site and filter through all results thanks to its user-friendly interface.
  • AutoTempest partnerships make it easy to locate important vehicle information. AutoTempest informs users when a listing that is not from a partner appears that they will be taken to another website/seller.
  • AutoTempest news articles and blog posts provide additional information about the state of the industry and how to make the most of AutoTempest's platform.
  • AutoTempest's website offers powerful tools such as insurance and quote comparisons for no cost.


  • AutoTempest does not display all possible results. AutoTempest is not affiliated with all car-selling websites. They prefer not to have their listings displayed on the search aggregator’s website.
  • AutoTempest's listings may not include all the details. Craigslist and other non-partner sellers require that users leave AutoTempest to see all details about the vehicle.
  • AutoTempest is not able to process the transaction. AutoTempest is a search engine, but not a shopping platform. To complete their purchase, users will need to visit the seller's site.

Questions frequently asked about AutoTempest

AutoTempest allows you to sell your car. cannot help you sell your car, but they will help you through companies that have partnered with them. You have three options when you sell a car through AutoTempest. AutoTempest's car-selling page explains that each option has its own requirements and fees. AutoTempest's trade-in value calculator can be used to estimate the price of your car.

AutoTempest is free to use

AutoTempest is completely free to use. AutoTempest will give you unlimited access to all their vehicle listings.

To use AutoTempest, do you need an account?

AutoTempest doesn't require you to sign up, register, or create an account. As soon as you visit AutoTempest's website, you'll be able to access all the results. If you do see a vehicle you like in the results, you will be directed to the seller's site where you will most likely need to enter your information to complete the transaction.

AutoTempest who?

Nathan Stretch, the company's founder, and CEO created AutoTempest in 2007. The original name of the site was Hank's Helper. It was an offshoot of SearchTempest, which aggregated data from online shopping sites such as Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay.

What makes AutoTempest money?

AutoTempest doesn't sell any products on its website so you may be curious how they make their money. AutoTempest's affiliate partners are the ones that make it money. AutoTempest's official affiliate partners allow their listings in the search results. They also get a small percentage of the profits when a customer purchases one of those vehicles.

AutoTempest is an app has a web version for Android and iOS. has a web app version for Android and iOS.

AutoTempest can sell salvage cars

AutoTempest doesn't sell salvage cars. AutoTempest requires that your car is in good working order before you can sell or buy it. There are many benefits to purchasing salvage cars. These tips are helpful for anyone looking to buy salvaged cars.

AutoTempest can you negotiate?

AutoTempest cannot be used to negotiate directly with sellers, but it can be used as an effective tool to help you find a great deal for your next vehicle. AutoTempest searches a large number of vehicles to help you find similar ones. AutoTempest's search results can be used to help you bargain since you can compare vehicle conditions and prices. Pay attention to the vehicle's mileage, overall condition, and any extra features. These differences can cause similar cars to differ in price.

AutoTempest ships cars

AutoTempest doesn't ship cars. They only offer online listings and search results. What if you find the perfect car using the AutoTempest search engine but it is all the way across the country? Many people find it impossible or not feasible to travel all the way to their new car. We recommend that you hire a professional car shipping firm to help with your vehicle move. Auto transport companies such as Move Car can handle all aspects of your vehicle's transportation, including loading, unloading, and moving it. You only need to book your transportation, meet your driver at pick-up and wait for your vehicle at its destination.

AutoTempest reviews

Customers have endless options when it comes to choosing the right company and there are many companies out there trying to win your business. It can be difficult to choose the right one, while also avoiding low-quality services and scams. You want to ensure that you are dealing with a trustworthy seller when purchasing a large item like a car. We have written about finding the best auto transport company. These same tips can also be applied to choosing the best auto seller.

Reading customer reviews is one of the best and easiest ways to find out more about a company. These are the opinions of customers about how AutoTempest ranks in comparison to other online auto marketplaces. praises AutoTempest for its snappy filtering system, nationwide search proximity, and the website's key feature of displaying listings from multiple car-selling websites. They do not like the platform's cumbersome layout or the fact that you need to visit another website to buy a car.

The final words of the authors were: "AutoTempest provides a gateway to all the most popular, largest, and most popular vehicle classifieds sites across America." Check them out if you are looking for a used vehicle. rates AutoTempest 4 out of 5 stars. This is due to their high standards of safety and legitimacy, as well as the inability of customers to purchase cars on the site.

Let's see what they have to say: "Overall AutoTempest provides an reliable platform to study the automotive market. If you are looking for an easy way to sell your car, however, you might consider one of the largest car-buying firms.

FinanceBuzz is positive about AutoTempest. They cite their consolidated car-search experience and helpful blogs and guides, as well as their suite of tools that can help you compare insurance prices and quotes. FinanceBuzz also has issues with AutoTempest's inability to sell cars directly through their website.

Bottom line: AutoTempest is a great resource, no matter if you already know what you want or need to do more research before you decide on a car.

AutoTempest is a large website that receives a lot of traffic each day. You can find more reviews and opinions online by doing a quick search. These three reviews, however, are generally positive and provide more or less the exact same feedback. This indicates that the experience has been consistent across all of them. This is a sign that AutoTempest has a trustworthy company. These reviews make us confident in recommending AutoTempest for your search for a used or new car. However, we recommend that you do enough research so you can reach your own conclusions. You should also read reviews about the vehicle you are interested in to make informed decisions when buying.

Do you found a car on AutoTempest but need it shipped?

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