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Move Car's Business Solutions will help you navigate obstacles and find the best way forward.

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Move Car's Business Solutions will help you navigate obstacles and find the best way forward.

Auto logistics services for dealerships that deliver value

Overburdened staff, insufficient visibility, and tracking of the supply chain, inept carrier partners...what are your obstacles to operational excellence in your dealership? These obstacles can be overcome with our help.

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Move Car's business solutions portfolio will provide you with the resources and expertise you need to grow your market share. To improve the efficiency of shippers, carriers, and end consumers, we offer reliable service and advanced technology at all stages of a vehicle's lifespan.

logistic services

You will get the reliability and speed you need

Move Car's logistics experts can manage any type of move: manufacturer to dealer, dealer-dealer, dealer-auction, auction-auction, dealer-consumer, consumer-dealer.



Flexibility and capacity

Move Car's nationwide network of more than 15,000 carriers ensures that there is always available capacity and the ability to weather market fluctuations.

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What shipping method do you prefer? We can arrange open or enclosed shipping, expedited shipping, or create a custom solution that meets your specific requirements.


From a single unit to full-load capability

Move Car, with its strong foundation in the retail sector, is the industry leader in single-vehicle moves. Move Car can transport your vehicles quickly, even if you only have one or two units.

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Move Car is the right choice for your dealership if you have a lot of vehicles to transport. Move Car can handle large volumes of multiple full loads, including cars and trucks, as well as powersports and inoperable vehicles.

full load capacity

Delivery and pricing that are reliable

Move Car offers several ways to provide pricing information. Our market predictive calculator can be used to provide spot pricing, customized pricing, or contract pricing.

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Move Car will dispatch your order quickly and provide transit times. We can accommodate your changing schedule and get vehicles to you faster, which will decrease the cycle time.

pricing are reliable

Streamline your vehicle transport and put your efforts into profit-building.

Our Managed Service solution is for dealerships who spend more time selling vehicles than transporting them. Move Car is the industry's leader in single-unit moves. We can help you save money and even relieve some of your headaches.
It's not possible to manage your wholesale units' transport without the most current technology and skilled logistics staff. Third-party providers can make a big difference in this situation. Move Car combines cutting-edge software and logistics expertise with a 15,000-carrier network to provide value and efficiency for dealerships looking to improve their profitability.

What is your greatest challenge? Move Car has the solution

"I am familiar with single-vehicle moves." Move Car has a lot of experience in retail and can handle moves up to several thousand.

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"It is difficult to manage multiple carriers." Move Car eliminates multiple points of contact and gives you one dedicated account manager.


"I don't know where my loads are in transit." Move Car's dealer portal gives you full visibility from booking to delivery.


"My carriers are unable to meet my changing requirements." We are able to react quickly and have the flexibility to do so. Move Car offers exceptional transit and pickup times.

greatest challange

Self-service shipping gives you complete control

LoadMate is powered by technology partner Ship.Cars and offers a cost-effective method to take control of your vehicle transport. You can connect directly with carriers, post loads, negotiate prices, and track your shipments through a self-serve load board.


self service

improve Your digital retailing strategy.

Move Car's Home Delivery solution is a great option for customers who are not able to shop from the lot. It also offers a number of compelling benefits for dealers.


digital retailing

Dealerships will find Move Car the perfect partner in auto transportation



Move Car was founded in 2010 and quickly arranged shipments for its retail customers, one car at a time. We ship on average 400 cars per day (including weekends) and are able to meet your needs.




Move Car has been a technology-driven company from day one. To improve our digital services and make car shipping more efficient, we have a software development company.



Move Car is a pioneer in the automotive industry, and has been able to offer instant rates and an enterprise portal that allows for auto transport.



You have a single point of contact with a team of logistics and customer service specialists and the support of a 15,000-carrier network. Every day, you can count on efficiency and value.



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Move Car is the best choice for auto dealer services in Amarica

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