Posted on 11/21/22

6 Tips For Shipping A Kit Car

6 Tips For Shipping A Kit Car

Kit cars are automobiles that come as separate parts and can be assembled by the buyer to make a fully functional vehicle. It is recommended to use a reliable auto transport company if you need to ship your old kit car to another location or if you are buying a new vehicle. A company that transports your car to your desired destination. These are some tips.

Find a reliable shipping company

Trusting someone you don't know is difficult. It is highly recommended that you do thorough research on the company that will ship your vehicle. It is important to choose a company that has the right equipment, and staff and has proven experience in car shipping. This will ensure your valuable antique receives the best possible service throughout the shipping process. This will also ensure that your car is safely and efficiently delivered to the destination you have chosen.

Book a time slot

It can take days to ship a car depending on which option you choose. It is important to not waste time once you have decided on the best auto shipping company. To avoid stress and unnecessary rush, book a date as soon as possible.

Choose your best transport service

Kit cars typically come in two shipping options. There are two types of shipping options for kit cars: the enclosed and open auto transport shipping modes. Open auto shipping means your car will be shipped with eight other vehicles in an open trailer. The enclosed auto-shipping model allows your car to be transported in a case. Each shipping model has its pros and cons. While the open shipping model is less risky for your vehicle, it can be quite costly.

Learn and understand the shipping company’s shipping insurance policy

To fully understand the coverage of your shipping insurance policy, it is highly recommended. For the best protection against an accident that may occur during shipping, you should look into more comprehensive insurance coverage for your kit car.

Follow the suggested preparation steps

Before shipping your vehicle, there are some important steps you should follow. Each step should be followed as per the shipping instructions. The gas tank should be only 25% full and there should be no leakage. You should also remove all valuables from your car and be prepared to give instructions to the shipping company regarding any details about your vehicle.

Take advantage of the shipping

Before and after transportation, a vehicle inspection should be done. You should be able to access any relevant information and receive updates during the entire process. The truck driver might need some tips on where to drop your car off. After your shipment is successful, make sure that you inspect the vehicle for any damage.