Posted on 08/12/22

Can I Put Personal Items In My Vehicle When I Ship It

Can I Put Personal Items In My Vehicle When I Ship It

Federal law forbids auto transporters from transporting personal items in a vehicle they transport. Authorities can fine carrier vehicles if they have a load greater than the weight of the cars that they transport.

However, certain auto transport companies may allow you to store small items in your trunk, provided that they do not exceed a specific weight limit. This limit can be as low as 50 lbs, but it is usually no higher than 100 lbs.
It is also important to understand that hauling more weight will result in higher costs. It may seem logical to ship your belongings, especially for long-distance moves like Texas to California and New Jersey To Florida. However, it will be more expensive and you have a limit on what you can do.

Reasons behind Restrictions

The Department of Transportation prohibits the shipment of a vehicle with personal belongings. According to the fine could reach up to $10,000 Most auto transport companies have very strict rules about how items are packed into vehicles.

Talk to the auto transport company that you use. You may be allowed to place a few items in the car. They may recommend a spot out of sight such as the trunk.

Personal items that are placed in the vehicle by auto transport companies will also not be covered. Carrier insurance covers your vehicle while it's in transit with an auto transport company. This does not include personal or household items that are placed in the car. These items may not be covered by your auto insurance.

You should also consider this: Insurance companies might deny you a claim if your vehicle is damaged due to personal items that were transported with it.

Things to Avoid Packing in a Shipped Vehicle

If you are allowed to store small items in your vehicle by an auto transport company, make sure they are well hidden. This will reduce the chance of someone breaking into your vehicle. While theft is rare, it can happen on long journeys such as Virginia with multiple overnight stops. Personal items might be visible in cars and attract attention.

These tips will help you pack your items if the auto transport company permits.

  • Do not place any high-value items in the car.
  • Place the items in the truck, so that no one can see through the windows
  • Pack fragile items carefully to protect them from shifting during moving.
  • Keep your weight below the limit
  • If you place anything in your vehicle, always inform your auto shipping company

It's usually best to not pack any items into your car. Check with your auto transport company if you intend to do this. They may impose weight limits if they allow it. Be aware that insurance will not cover what you bring.