Posted on 07/06/22

11 Things To Know If You Are Shipping A Car To Hawaii

11 Things To Know If You Are Shipping A Car To Hawaii

It is simple to ship a car from Hawaii. You just need to know how to transport it. You can move to Hawaii for permanent or temporary reasons. Hawaii car shipping is the same.

Move Car has been shipping cars to Hawaii for years. We know that our customers want to be sure they are doing it correctly. This post is for anyone who's thinking of shipping a car to Hawaii or is looking to book a shipment. This post will cover everything you need to know regarding Hawaii car shipping so your vehicle can be delivered on time and safely.

It is important to choose the right auto transport company

A well-respected company that is transparent and does a good job will make shipping a car to Hawaii easy and stress-free. Move Car can help you make shipping your car to Hawaii a smooth and easy process by handling all the details.

The best choice is to get end-to-end services from an auto transport management firm.

You will need to ship your car to Hawaii on both a truck and a boat. It can be difficult to coordinate both shipping. Move Car is an auto transport management company that handles all aspects of your vehicle's transportation. You can get all the information you need over the phone or via LiveChat. We take care of everything.

It takes four steps to ship a car from Hawaii.

Move Car provides door-to-port service for customers shipping cars to Hawaii at a very affordable price. It takes only four steps to book and pick up your car at the port.

Step 1 -- Booking

To get an instant quote, you can use the calculator to obtain a free, no-obligation quote. You can then book your transport directly from the calculator. If you prefer to speak with someone, you can book your transport via LiveChat. You won't have to pay anything until you pick up your pickup date, regardless of what.

Step 2 -- Prepping

You will need to wash your car thoroughly before shipping it to Hawaii. Many people will have their car checked before shipping to make sure that it is fully functional.

Step 3 -- Handing it off

You'll sign off after a brief inspection of your vehicle and give your keys to the trucker. That's it! You don't need any additional paperwork to ship your car to Hawaii.

Step 4 -- Picking it up

After your car is inspected at the port in Hawaii again, you will be allowed to drive it home. You will need your booking confirmation number as well as your vessel booking number. We will provide these numbers once your shipment has been scheduled.

Shipping a car to Hawaii costs

The price of shipping a car from Hawaii to your home will vary depending on many factors. To generate your quote, our online calculator will use your make and model, the distance your vehicle must travel to the port, and the type of transport (e.g. open carrier shipping or enclosed carrier). If your car is highly modified or valuable, the cost of shipping a car to Hawaii might be higher.

Shipping a car from Long Beach to Lihue will cost you about $1,200. However, shipping the same car from Boston to Kauai, MA will cost you around $2,300, and Miami to Kauai, FL will cost you about $2,000. Get a quote to determine the exact cost of shipping your car to the islands.

Plan your shipment one month in advance of the date you intend to move

When you are moving, timing is key. To ensure your car gets where it needs it to, make sure you book your shipment at least a month before your desired delivery date. This will allow your auto transport company to find a spot for your vehicle on both a truck and a cargo ship within the timeframe that you have specified.

Shipping times are estimated

We get asked a lot by customers how long it takes to ship a car to the islands from the mainland. The journey from California to Hawaii can take approximately two weeks. However, the car must also travel from your home to the port. This can take anywhere from a week to a week depending on where you live.

If you ship a car from the east coast to Hawaii, it should arrive within three weeks of being picked up by your trucker. You will also receive an estimated arrival time when you receive your ship date. Keep in mind, however, that your car might arrive sooner or later than you expected.

You can't ship personal items in your car

While we understand it might be convenient to use your car for shipping purposes when you are moving, it is not allowed. Personal items can't be left in your car on its journey. They pose a safety risk and are a liability.

It's important to follow the rules when shipping a car from Hawaii. Personal items that are left behind will be taken out of your vehicle before it is loaded onto the ship. If workers are unable to remove them, The port will reject your car and you'll need to arrange a new shipment.

Your car must be registered within 30 days after its arrival

Your vehicle must be registered within one month if you are moving to Hawaii. Either you can get Hawaii plates with an in-state registration, or you can get an out-of-state permit to drive your vehicle using your existing plates and registration. The permit is valid for one year. You will also need to present your vehicle shipping receipt. Also, you must purchase Hawaii auto insurance. Your car must pass inspection.

It's easy to get a Hawaii driver’s license

You can exchange your out-of-state license for a Hawaii license as long as it is valid. Simply bring your license, your social security card, and the fee to the Department of Motor Vehicles. A written test and an eye exam will be required. If you do not have your glasses, bring them along. Also, make sure to research the vehicle operating laws specific to Hawaii before you leave. When applying for your license, you will need to complete a medical exam form if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

Be aware of the rules before you drive

Many people who are new to driving in Hawaii find that the islanders drive slower than they do elsewhere. You should allow yourself enough time to get there until you become more familiar with the roads you will be driving every day. You will encounter many speed limits. However, there are also single-lane, winding, and unnumbered roads. It is best to drive with the aloha spirit and give a wave or shaka whenever someone gives you the right of way.

The process of shipping a car to the mainland is a little different

Although most of the work involved in shipping your car from Hawaii to the mainland will be the exact same, the following items must be brought to port:

  • A government-issued picture ID
  • Copy of your car's title
  • Your Move Car order confirmation and vessel booking number
  • Notarized letter signed on official letterhead by any title or lien holder authorizing a shipment
  • Notarized power of attorney document from any second owner as listed in the title

People who move to Hawaii may choose to sell their car and purchase a new car. However, shipping a car to Hawaii is almost always cheaper than buying a brand new car.

Move Car is the best choice for Hawaii car transportation. We handle all aspects of your vehicle transport so that you can concentrate on your family and moving. Although we may not be able to take all of your responsibilities, it is one that we can do and are happy to assist.

Are you thinking of shipping your car to Hawaii? Get a shipping quote today and read what customers have to say about Move Car Auto Transport.