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Auto transport and logistics services for auctions nationwide that are fast, flexible, and reliable

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Auto transport and logistics services for auctions nationwide that are fast, flexible, and reliable

Transport vehicles conveniently and quickly

It's not enough to run an auction business. You also have to orchestrate hundreds of moves with such precision, top-rated surgeons would be impressed. You could lose your business and the money of your buyers or sellers if you make a mistake, miscommunication, or delay. It is crucial to have the right partner in transportation and logistics.

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Move Car Auto Transport has both the technology and the carrier resources to transport your vehicles inbound or outbound for your auto auction.

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The right place, the right time, the right price

Move Car handles moves for all types of auctions including large physical auctions, online marketplaces, and independent and specialty auto auctions.

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Move Car's auction team understands the importance of moving vehicles in a way that is most convenient for you. We can help you with your unique processes. Our services will be tailored to your requirements, including your gate pass procedures, hours of operation and vehicle location strategy.

Our market-driven pricing engine generates reliable rates by analyzing historical trends, seasonality, surplus vs. demand to determine rates. We can provide contract pricing or set pricing.

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Single-unit move expertise

We are the market leader in single-unit moves. We can pick up or deliver vehicles anywhere within 140 miles or less. Move Car can handle any number of vehicles, no matter how small or large. We offer quick response times and skilled vehicle handling.

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Pickup and delivery nationwide

Our network of over 15,000 carriers is vetted and includes independent owners operating in all markets. To ensure that they comply with safety and insurance requirements, all carriers are regularly screened and monitored. They are familiar with and adhere to the strict security protocols required in the auction industry.

pickup and delivery nationwide

Technology for speed and efficiency

We can integrate seamlessly with auction software to allow you to quickly place orders and have visibility into all movements on one platform. Move Car utilizes electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), and digital bill-of-lading (BOL) to speed up unloading, increase accuracy, and reduce the billing cycle.

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Move Car: How it can help you in your auction business

End-to-end solutions: We will consult with your inside sales reps and operations team to provide recommendations for improving service levels and transparency. To prove our worth, we can compare our service and cost capabilities with your existing providers.

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Move Car is your preferred transporter: Whether you need it for just one location or all, Move Car will provide first-class service. This will reduce your stress levels and allow you to concentrate on your business. Move Car can provide a one-stop shop for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. We have the equipment and trailer options to handle luxury, collector, and non-operable vehicles.

Move Car can augment established carriers: Move Car regularly handles long-distance moves. We can also extend the reach of local carriers through our national network of vetted carrier partners. To increase your reach and efficiency, the right logistics partner will work with you and your established carriers.

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Dealerships will find Move Car the best partner in auto transportation



Since 2010, Move Car has been moving cars one by one. We ship on average 400 packages per day (including weekends) and can safely handle both local and long-distance moves.



Our customers can ship their cars more efficiently and easily using the most recent technology. Innovation and customer service are key to our customers' success.



Customers' success is driven by our focus on service and product innovation. We are the first to offer an online rate calculator that instantly provides instant quotes and an enterprise portal for auto transport.



Move Car's 15,000+ carriers network, experienced logistic and customer service teams and staff have the ability to meet your needs.

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