Posted on 11/05/21

How Carriers Choose Their Car Shipping Loads

How Carriers Choose Their Car Shipping Loads

You can hire a car shipping service if you're moving from one state to another and don’t want to drive your vehicle. The company will need to find the right carrier to transport your car to its destination. What motivates carriers to take certain loads? What types of orders do they prefer?

This information can be very helpful before you schedule a car shipment. Let's take an in-depth look at how car carriers select their loads to help you plan your vehicle transport.

Cash is the King

Cash is the king of truckers. Truckers are more likely to accept orders that pay in cash than those that are paid in other ways. Truckers will almost always choose cash over billing, even if the price is slightly lower. It is easier for them.

The customer can request to be billed but the truck driver must wait until he receives his share of the payment. The trucker receives his share immediately if he pays in cash. Why would you want to wait for payment when you can get your money upfront? Move Car allows you to pay cash on delivery, pick up, or in full when you place your order. This information will help you choose the right option. This is especially important if your car needs to be shipped quickly.

It is important to choose the right location

Truckers who travel across the country often have specific routes that they follow to get maximum coverage. One truck may have three vehicles assigned to it, which could be from the southeast to the northeast. They may be interested in your vehicle if it needs to be shipped from Florida or New York. If they find out you're shipping from an extremely remote location in Florida or New York, they might be reluctant to transport your vehicle. They will need to travel far to do so.

However, that doesn't mean truckers will not ship to remote areas. It may take them a little longer to get there. It is important to be flexible and open to meeting the trucker in a more densely populated area if you plan to ship to rural areas.

Car Shipping Frauds

You might have seen some disillusioning articles about customers who are victims of car shipping scams. There are always bad eggs in any industry. Truckers also feel the pain when scammers are running amok in this industry.

A scam broker might arrange for a trucker to transport the vehicle. They may then refuse to pay the trucker and pocket the money. Truckers are more comfortable being paid in cash than they are being billed. Unscrupulous scam brokers may take advantage of truckers and make them lose everything.

Truckers will often accept cash payments and are willing to travel far from the beaten track. These tips can help you speed up the shipping process.

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