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As the leading auto shipping company across states, Move Car understands that Arizona is an important state with plenty of attractions for native and foreign tourists. It is home to Grand Canyon, which is a famous tourist site. There are various other tourist sites here as well. In addition to tourist trapping, there is a lot of finance activity here as well. Therefore, you can expect millions of people coming here and going out with their vehicles annually. This is why Move Car auto transport is always ready to give its best when it comes to shipping cars to and from Arizona

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The combination of famous tourist sites and hot commerce activities makes it a great place for relocation. Regardless of whether you are relocating to large cities of this state such as Phoenix and Tucson for professional and financial purposes or planning a family trip to finally see the Grand Canyon, having your own vehicle there is going to make things much easier for you. Move Car auto transport has substantial resources to ship your vehicle to and from California safely and quickly through various auto transport methods.


Instant car shipping quote with assured accuracy

Move Car auto transport is always looking to make sure that our customers experience the ultimate convenience while shipping with us. Our ability to provide our customer with an instant and accurate quote is an important part of this whole effort. We make sure that our customers get an instant quote that is totally accurate and not just an estimation. Our customer can get instant quotes from us for auto transportation to and from Arizona easily by visiting our website, calling us, or simply paying us a visit.

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Getting a car shipping quote is not a time consuming affair with us. We don’t make our customers wait for days to get the right quote. Moreover our quote is applicable for the next 30 days, so whatever the situation occurs in the next 30 days we will ship your car at the price we told you while providing you with the quote. Additionally, we don’t tend to dig a hole in your pocket with hidden charges like the beginners and inexperienced auto shipping companies do. We have a whole system to calculate the car shipping quotes that takes account of various metrics to reach the calculation. These metrics include the season, fuel prices, make and model of your vehicle, size of your vehicle, mode of auto transport you choose, and the mobility of your vehicle. Additionally the most important factor that adds to the calculation of car shipping quote is the distance travelled by the vehicle that is to be shipped. We take all these factors into account while calculating the car shipping charges and provide our customers with totally transparent and accurate quotes without any chance of a single mistake. As these quotes stay applicable for the next 30 days, so the customers have the option to choose the date and time of their convenience for the pickup and delivery of their vehicle


Choose the car shipping method according to your requirements

Being the leader of auto shipping industry America wide, Move Car auto transport understands that not every vehicle is similar. Moreover, we also know that individual customers have their own requirements. This is why we offer various car shipping methods to meet specific requirements of our individual customers. The car shipping methods offered by us are open car shipping, enclosed auto transport, door to door car transport, and expedited car shipping. All these car shipping methods have their own features.

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Move Car auto transport offers the open car shipping method which is the general method of car shipping, this shipping method allows our customer to save a considerable amount of money. Moreover, the vehicle transport carriers that perform the job of open car transport are readily available so the customers don’t have to wait a lot for shipping of their vehicle. Enclosed car shipping method appeals to the customers who want added protection from weather elements and other factors while shipping their vehicles. This transport method allows customers to have their vehicle delivered to the intended destination without getting their vehicle exposed to dust, debris, and other weather elements. Door to door car transport is another method offered by Move Car auto transport, the main purpose of this method is to ensure the ultimate comfort of the customers of Move Car auto transport. All the customers have to do is book the shipping of their car and sit comfortably back at their home, our trucker will reach the pickup and drop off locations to pick and deliver the car, making the process truly comfortable and hassle free for customers who want to ship their car through door to door shipping method. Sometimes, customers such as job holders, army personnel, and students need to ship their vehicles as soon as possible. We cater to their needs with our expedited car shipping method. This method involves the changes of schedule and route by our truckers to deliver the expedited vehicles safely as soon as possible. All these methods help us offer our services to a wide range of customers living in Arizona and across the states.



Large Network and Experience Matters

Move Car auto transport is one of the most reliable auto shipping companies in Arizona and across the entire America. The standout features of Move Car are huge auto shipping experience and large network of vehicle transport carriers.

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Move Car auto transport has one of the largest networks of vehicle transport carriers across the states which enables us to provide our clients with a safe and seamless car shipping experience. Moreover, Move Car auto transport has more than 2 decades of car shipping experience which makes it one of the most reliable auto shipping companies that are offering quality vehicle shipping services across the states.