Posted on 02/16/22

Everything You Need To Know About Changing Your Car Insurance After Moving To A New State

Everything You Need To Know About Changing Your Car Insurance After Moving To A New State

Moving to a new state can make it difficult to have to update your car insurance. You can make it easier by being prepared. You won't need to spend more time getting it done.
It's easy to forget that insurance is important. This will help you avoid being in a difficult situation where you don't have the right coverage if you get into an accident.
Preparation can begin as early as two months prior to your move. If you are nearing your move, make sure you get your insurance changed.

Before you move

You should start looking into all options as soon as possible, even a few months before you plan to move. Every state is unique, so you need to ensure that you have the correct information for your new state.
Sometimes, you may only need to modify certain sections of your existing policy. Sometimes you may need a new policy entirely. It is best to get in touch with your insurance company to find out what you need.
You will need to tell them how many cars are currently insured and how many more you want to insure. Also, let them know about any assets changes you might make such as a move to a new house. You will also need to inform your insurance company if you plan on increasing the mileage of your vehicle. If you commute less to work, this could save you money on your new policy.
Next, determine if you will be driving to your new place or shipping your car there. This should happen about one month before your move.
You should contact your state DMV to find out what you need to do before you arrive and after you leave. This will contain important information about registration, inspection, and your license.
You will need to change your address with your insurance company about a week before your move. Do this at least a week before you move because you may receive mail from your insurance company with the information you need.
Talk to your current or new insurance company to ensure that there are no gaps in your coverage. You will be responsible for any damages caused by an accident if you have a gap in your coverage.

Once you have moved

To complete the move, you'll need to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles in your new state. This should be done as soon as possible so that you are able to focus on the rest of your move. You can then focus on other aspects of the move, such as setting up the new home and avoiding the DMV trip.
Although it might not be necessary to do this immediately, it will make your life much easier once you have arrived in your new state. This will make it easier to get your insurance changed.

Tips to change your car insurance when you move to a different state

  • Review your current policy. This will help you decide if you are able to stay with your existing car insurance company or if you need to change to one.
  • Avoid gaps in coverage. You can plan ahead to make this happen. Driving during a gap in coverage is a risky move. This should be avoided at all costs. You should coordinate any changes in your coverage between your old insurance company and your new one at least a month prior to your move.
  • You can plan to get a new rate. Every state has a different cost for car insurance. You may end up paying more monthly than what you paid in your previous state. You could lose coverage if you don't prepare for it.
  • Keep this information handy -
    • Information about all drivers you will need such as their dates of birth, license information, etc.
    • Everyone who will be covered by the insurance policy must have a clean driving record
    • Your new address
    • Each car will have its vehicle information. This information will include your ID number, the date you purchased it, and whether you lease or own it.
    • This is an estimate of the average annual driving distance. This may change in your new state so do your best estimate of how far you drive each year.
    • How much coverage do you need?


Moving can be difficult and frustrating. It is not a good idea to wait too long to switch your car insurance. You should be able to drive to your new state immediately.
Advanced preparation is key to switching your car insurance when moving to a different state. The entire process should begin at least two months prior to your move.
It is worth considering shipping your car with you during your move. Shipping your car during a move will help you save time and allow you to focus on other things. If you are interested in shipping your car, you can get a free quote at Move Car.