Posted on 04/19/22

Carrying Cars In Open Or Closed Trailers

Carrying Cars In Open Or Closed Trailers

Do you plan to transport your car from one place to the next? You probably didn't know that there were many types of trailers and trucks used for transport. We will discuss in detail the differences and benefits of each type and which transportation is used for short distances.

Car transportation via open and closed trailers

Open. It looks like a trailer where cars can be placed. There are many types, but the common thread is that cars can be transported in the environment. This is a common method of transport that allows you to transport your car quickly and economically. This is the most well-known in the industry. These trucks have special training that ensures safety. They are trained in how to protect and secure the vehicle.

Closed. In practice, it is less common. It's a carrier that has walls and a top. This allows you isolate vehicles from traffic. This delivery method is preferred by owners of classic or vintage cars. These car carriers' trailers have a key advantage: they are reliable in protecting against environmental impacts.

Trailers and open car transport are the only known types. They are however not the only type. You will find more information below.

Open car trailers transporters:

  • Hotshot single-vehicle car trailers transporters A trailer that can be connected to a double-acting pickup truck. This trailer can be used to transport one truck or car.
  • Multi-car single-level trailers that can transport multiple cars at once They can transport between 2 and 6 cars at once.
  • Multi-level, multi-vehicle trailers. This is the most common type of open transport. This multi-level trailer can hold many cars at once. This type of car transport trailer is most likely to arrive when you order a car transportation trailer.


Car transport by closed trailers

  • It is a single-level enclosed trailer for auto transport. It is usually used to transport very valuable cars over short distances.
  • Car carrier trailers for single-level transport of multiple vehicles. This trailer can transport multiple cars. They are securely protected from the elements and placed in a single row.
  • Multi-level, enclosed trailer for multiple vehicles. It can accommodate 2 rows of cars. These trailers can be pulled by reliable semi-trailers.


Transport costs vary depending on which car you choose and what type of carrier you use. Use the calculator to calculate the exact cost or contact one of our managers to get a personalized calculation.

Each type has its advantages and can be used to solve specific problems.
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