Posted on 04/06/22

Tips To Choose Car Carriers

Tips To Choose Car Carriers

Every year millions of cars are transported. Many vehicles cross borders to reach their destinations. Car shipping and transportation require careful attention to detail to ensure the vehicles arrive at their destination in good shape. Car carriers are responsible to manage the entire process of moving cars from pick-up through transport and delivery. Here are some things you should know before you hire an auto carrier.

Choose your preferred mode for transport.
Different types of services are offered by car carriers, and some may offer more. Find out what type of car transport you require and check whether the company offers it. You should consider your time and budget as well as any other requirements you may have regarding the car you want to transport. For example, some carriers may not offer terminal-to-terminal delivery. This could mean that you will need to find another company to transport the car to a specific address.

Choose between open and closed transport.
Open transport is used to move vehicles on trucks or flatbed trailers. Open transport allows more cars to be transported at once. This saves time and is also more efficient and less expensive. However, it does expose vehicles to the elements during transport. These elements include wind, rain, and snow as well as hail, and ice. Closed transport on the other side offers protection because it uses enclosed trucks for moving the cars. Although it can transport a smaller number of cars per truckload, it is more costly than open auto transport.

Check that car carriers have been pre-screened and approved by your broker.
Third parties who help with car transport are called brokers. Brokers do not transport the cars but work with carriers to do so on your behalf. They screen carriers and provide additional customer service and insurance benefits. It can be very difficult for a car company to be added to the Move Car approved carrier list. However, it is easy to be removed.

Search for a registered carrier.
All auto transporters and carriers must have a Department of Transportation registration. You can check to verify that this registration is current and also their MC number.

Get insurance information.
Car carriers must have insurance. This information should be available on the website or brochure. Before signing up, make sure to ask about cargo insurance and liability coverage. Move Car offers the industry's only damage-free guarantee. We pay or we cover 100% of your vehicle with our Carriers