Posted on 06/23/22

Car Shipping Nationwide

Car Shipping Nationwide

Although national auto transport is not that different from interstate car shipping methods, it does have its own challenges. It is important to look for companies with extensive experience in long-distance transport when searching for a nationwide auto shipper. Move Car Auto Transport is the only company that regularly transports vehicles across the United States, including Hawaii. We also transport all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and entire fleets for auto dealers and companies.

We Offer Nationwide Services

No matter if you need your vehicle transported 100 miles or to another part of the country, we offer an extensive range of auto transport services. All of our services are available nationwide or coast to coast, and include all the following:

  • No Cost Car Shipping Quotes to or from Anywhere
  • All Prices Include Insurance
  • Fast & Reliable Service You Can Count On
  • Door to Door and Terminal Shipping Available
  • Open and Enclosed Car Transport
  • Both running and non-running vehicles
  • Affordable Prices from a Company with Decades of Experience
  • Our professional staff is available to assist you at any time.

These are just a few of the many attributes and services that our company offers, but they are the main reasons why customers choose our nationwide and long distance auto shipping options.

Move Car Auto Transport has decades of experience as a long-distance and national car shipper. All interested parties are welcome to receive FREE price estimates without obligation. To save 20%, call us for a free cost estimate. We are also available to answer your questions about shipping or other options.

What Does Nationwide Auto Transport Cost?

The cost of shipping a car nationwide can be affected by many factors, including the distance traveled and the vehicle type. Auto shipping costs can range from 50 cents per mile to $1.50 for long distance transport using a standard-sized vehicle. You will also need to pay extra for services such as enclosed car shipping and door-to-door transportation.

Shipping costs tend to be lower per mile if you are shipping long distances or from coast to coast. The ballpark figure above is a sliding scale and does not give an exact idea of the cost. The type of vehicle you are shipping will determine how much it will cost to ship. Smaller and lighter vehicles, such as motorcycles, are generally easier to ship and thus cheaper.

Locating a Nationwide Shipper with the Right Experience

When you pay a company for shipping something, experience is very important. This is especially true if the item in question is a valuable one like a motorcycle, truck, or car. It is important to find a car shipper who has extensive experience in long-distance or national transport. Although many companies offer these services, some are more skilled and knowledgeable about the long-distance auto transport challenges.

You can verify whether a particular car shipping company is a regular nationwide shipper by looking at their office locations. If all of their offices are located in the east or west coasts, they won't be shipping many cars beyond those areas.