Posted on 02/15/22

Car Shipping Dos And Donts

Car Shipping Dos And Donts

There are some things you need to remember when shipping your car. This comprehensive guide will help you avoid making any mistakes in the car shipping process.

Shipping your car 101

Shipping your car is very simple. It is often thought that shipping your car is more complicated than it really is. Finding a company that can handle your auto transport needs is the most important step. Next, get a free quote and book your shipment. Finally, prepare for your car to arrive at your destination.

It is easy to find a company that can ship your car to your destination by simply searching "(state to (state), car shipping". For example, you could Google "New York to Florida Car Shipping" and you'll see a lot of companies with pages dedicated to this route. If the company is reputable, you should be able to get an instant quote once you have visited their site. Here you will find the exact addresses of your pickup and delivery points. Enter your address and details about your car, such as make and model, as well as the date you wish to have it shipped.

The estimated cost of your shipment, dates for shipping, and an estimate of the length of your shipment will be provided. You can book your shipment from the same page as your quote if you feel that these details are useful. Call the company's website to book your shipment.

After you have booked your car shipment, it is important to prepare for your shipment. You will need to clean your car a few days before you ship your car. Your car's driver will inspect it for any pre-existing damage before you pick up your car for transport. This part of the pickup will still take place even if your car is dirty. However, it will take longer and you will be required to be there for the duration.

Also, you will need to ensure that all personal items are removed from your vehicle. You should also get rid of jewelry and phone chargers. This is because these items are not covered by auto transport insurance in the event that they are damaged or lost during shipment.

You will need to ensure that your car is operational and that your key is available for your driver. Also, make sure you know who will be receiving and handing over your car.

Car shipping do's

There are some things you should do when you transport your vehicle. These are some of the things we recommend:

  • Make sure you book your shipment as soon as you can. You will have a window of approximately three days before your car is delivered. It is highly recommended that you book your shipment as soon possible to get the delivery dates you want. You should book your shipment at least one month ahead of time to ensure that you get the pickup and drop off dates you desire.
  • Take the necessary steps to prepare your shipment. As we have mentioned, your vehicle should be washed and personal items removed. Also, ensure that your license is valid and not expired.
  • Take photos of your car before you ship it. This will provide you with an additional layer of insurance. So, make sure to take digital pictures of your vehicle using a digital camera that is date stamped immediately before you ship.
  • Discuss any questions that you may have about your auto transport. You can also call your car shipping representative to ask questions about your shipment.
  • Discuss your pick-up and drop-off locations with the driver. In most cases, door-to-door transport is possible. In rare cases, however, an auto transport vehicle may not be allowed to drive on streets that are too narrow. This could mean that you need to find a convenient location near your vehicle to meet your driver, such as a parking garage at a mall.

Car shipping don'ts

You should also be careful when shipping your car.

  • Do not leave personal items inside your car. If these items are lost or damaged during transit, your auto transport coverage will not cover them. We strongly recommend that you remove all personal items from your vehicle before shipping.
  • You must have at least a quarter of a tank of gasoline if your car is being shipped to Alaska or Hawaii. It is a strict fire code rule that vehicles transported by ships cannot have more fuel than that. The ship could catch fire if there is more fuel than the vehicles. Your car must travel part of the way on a ship in order to be shipped to Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Make sure to clean your car before your car shipping driver arrives. This allows them to quickly and efficiently inspect your car for pre-existing damage. The inspection will continue even if your car isn't clean. The inspection will take longer and you must be there for it all.
  • Make sure to check the essentials. When we refer to the car needing to work properly, we don't just mean that it must start. The steering/alignment must work properly, the tires need to be properly inflated, as well as any other necessary items to allow the driver of the auto transport to take your car to the carrier.
  • Do not use a company without an instant quote. A reliable car shipping company will provide instant and free quotes online. You should never trust a car shipping company that doesn't offer instant quotes.

The final word

When shipping a car, there are many things you should remember. These are easy and the entire process of shipping a vehicle is very simple. The key is to make sure you book your trip early, don't leave personal items in your vehicle, prepare your car for shipping, and know exactly where and when your car will be dropped off. You can get a free quote if you're ready to ship your vehicle right away.