Posted on 11/02/21

Can I ship A Classic Car That Isnt Working

Can I ship A Classic Car That Isnt Working

Perhaps you have found the perfect vintage car. Maybe you have sold that perfect classic car. Next, you need to get it there. Problem is? The perfect vehicle won't start. It doesn't matter if the vehicle being shipped is running, classic car shipping can be done easily. Shipping a classic car that isn't working or can't be driven requires a little more preparation and research.

This is because car transportation companies only advertise their classic car shipping experience with cars that are running. It's crucial to find a company with the necessary equipment and know-how to transport a classic car that isn't in working order. Ask the company representatives if they are willing to ship a vehicle in a non-running condition. Also, ask them how they handle such vehicles.

We've put together a simple guide to car shipping for owners who don't own vehicles. Before you book, make sure the information that your auto transport company provides about their procedures for non-working vehicles matches what we have outlined below.

Classic car shipping basic

An enclosed trailer is the best way to transport a classic vehicle. It will protect it from road debris and weather damage, as well as any other potential hazards. Although this is the most expensive option, many owners opt for it because of the sentimental and financial value of many classic cars. It all depends on what you need. If your car is not in perfect condition, classic car shipping on an enclosed trailer can be a great option.

How do auto transport companies define non-working?

An auto transport company might consider a vehicle non-running or inoperable for many reasons. Some cars are simply not able to start, while others have structural problems that prevent them from rolling. Your classic car may not even have an engine or any of its four wheels. Sometimes, the vehicle can start and roll but can't be safely operated because the brakes or steering mechanism aren't working. These cars are usually considered non-working by auto transport companies because they don't have to risk driving them on the truck.

This distinction is important because almost all vehicles that are shipped across the country are driven onto or off of carriers. This means that a car that is not functioning, has no brakes or can't be jumped, or has four tires, will be considered a non-working vehicle. A forklift can be used if your vehicle is unable to roll, brake, steer or turn. Without a working key, your car may not be accessible and you will need to hire a forklift truck or local tow truck.

Special equipment will result in a higher bill

Classic car shipping with an inoperative vehicle is more costly than normal. However, the additional effort and equipment required to transport it onto the trailer make the cost worthwhile. Drivers who work with non-working cars receive special training to ensure they are able to safely handle the various procedures and equipment that inoperable vehicles require.

A winch is required to load an inoperable car onto a trailer. Companies that specialize in classic car shipping will almost always have one. These winches are not standard equipment on auto transport trucks and can be difficult to use. Wedge trailer trucks that have winches are less common than those with the standard carrier. If a special loading or unloading process is necessary to transport a vehicle, you will be charged a premium.

To fix or not to fix

It can be a good idea to fix your vehicle before you ship it, due to the higher shipping costs. The cost of repairs will vary depending on the reason your car isn't running. It will cost less to replace a key or install a new battery and even buy and install a complete set of tires than it would cost to have your car lifted onto a trailer. If your vehicle is able to be driven onto the carrier, you may have more options regarding your ship date.

What does having a key effect on classic vehicle shipping?

An inoperative classic car will be treated the same as any other vehicle. Access to your vehicle may be limited so a tow truck, or forklift, might be necessary. Additional help can be hired at the customer's expense. This will increase your costs.

The effects of body injury

Most often, body damage will not have an impact on how your classic car gets shipped. However, if it is so severe that your wheels are unable to roll, you'll need to transport your vehicle on a rollback tow truck, or on a truck equipped with a winch, wedge trailer, and/or a winch.

Shipping costs for a non-working vintage car

The shipping quote for your vehicle will be affected by the condition of your vehicle. Transporting an inoperative vehicle will cost more because it requires additional labor and special equipment. The price quoted will depend on many factors such as the make and model, distance traveled, pickup and delivery locations, type of carrier, and seasonal fluctuations in the auto transport industry.

The best auto transport company is not the most affordable. You get what you pay. This is especially true if you are transporting a classic vehicle. If you choose a discount hauler, you might be waiting for your ship date to arrive... or worse. Do not misrepresent the condition of your vehicle in order to get a lower quote. You could face additional fees and delays if your trucker arrives with a vehicle that is not what you expected.

How do you find reliable classic vehicle shipping?

No matter what condition your car is in, you shouldn't trust anyone to ship it. Even if they are in perfect condition, these vehicles require extra care and handling. They should be taken extra care of if they are in poor condition to avoid further damage. It is important to find an auto transport company with a lot of experience in moving classic cars as well as classic cars that are not working due to mechanical or electrical problems.

These are the qualities that you should look for in a company that transports your vehicle:

Equipment: Make certain that your auto transport company has vehicles with winches or trailers that can hold your classic car. Do the truckers have the necessary skills to load, unload, and transfer non-running vehicles?

Experience: Check to see if the company you are considering hiring has a history of safely transporting both non-working and working vehicles on time.

Reliability Read lots of reviews and ask for recommendations. You should ensure that there are at least a few positive reviews from people who have had classic cars shipped.

Customer Service: You should be able to ship your classic car quickly and without any hassle. You should choose a company that can provide you with the support and assistance you require throughout the shipping process. Do you have the ability to check on your vehicle while it is being shipped? Even better!

Value: Don’t pay too much for classic car shipping. But don’t forget to choose the best auto transport company. You may end up paying more later if you save a lot.

Shipping a non-working vehicle is slightly more difficult and more expensive than shipping an operating vehicle. But don't be alarmed. You will not have to worry about the details. Your auto transport company will take care of everything. All you need to do is clean it out and hand it over once it reaches its destination.